Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday- 7/21/14

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Good Afternoon everyone! I am getting this up late but better late than never. I didn't get to HHM last week because Hubby was on staycation. We had a lot of fun doing stuff around here. Hubby got a lot done on our bathroom remodel. His dad came over and helped a couple of days. I didn't realize what went into a remodel. This has been a year in the making. We get things done when we have the money and the time. 

We also did fun stuff. We went to the pool one day, to a theme park another day, we had family date night, and just hung out together. We went on walks and stayed up late. Great memories were made. 

Breakfast Time:::
Pancakes with maple syrup from Trader Joe's (I went for the first time over the weekend with a gift card I received and LOVED it!). 

On Today's To Do List:::
Dentist appt for Bear. He has an infected tooth...needs to come out. 
Dr appt for myself. I had to get my migraine meds refilled. 
My sister and mom came over to watch the kiddos while I went to the dr. 
Dishes and laundry are done. 
Write an article for another website. 

Currently Reading:::
Women Living Well
The Mitford Series
Trim Healthy Mama

On The TV Today:::
Right now I am listening to Reba in the background. 
Not too much else. Haven't had time. 

The Weather Outside:::
Cloudy with a chance of rain. It did sprinkle earlier. About 80 degrees. 

On The Menu This Week:::
Monday- Italian style chicken with homemade scalloped potatoes
Tuesday- Tacos
Wednesday- Spaghetti with salad
Thursday- leftovers
Friday- Pizza night
Saturday- Burgers/hot dogs on the grill

If I Have A Few Minutes To Myself I Will:::
Sew some projects I have lying around here. 

New Recipe I Have Tried/Want To Try:::
My Hubby made homemade chicken fried rice last night and it was FANTASTIC! It is his specialty now. 

In The Garden:::
The local garden center was having a HUGE sale over the weekend. We went and got a lot of herbs for 25 cents each. We also got some lemongrass and 2 crepe myrtles. Can't wait to get my herb garden planted!

Favorite Photo From The Camera:::

Hubby and I on a date while he was on staycation. 
Mini golf!

Homemaking Tip:::
Light candles (or warmers) after you clean. It helps me to feel at peace and it also makes me feel like I did a lot more cleaning than I actually did. I love scented candles. My favorite scent is cinnamon. Smells like home to me.

Visiting With Blog Friends:::
One of my favorite blogs is Time-Warp Wife. Darlene Schacht is the author and she is such an inspiration. There are homemaking sections, marriage and parenting sections, and everything in between. Please check it out. She also has a Facebook page.

Praying For:::
So many people. Family/friends who are sick. 
Our country and world. 
The salvation of my children.
My marriage and protection from any evil that may come between us. 

Bible Verse/Devotional:::

I made these graphics with the words to the song We Believe by the Newsboys. It is my favorite song right now and it says everything I need to know about what I should believe. 



Friday, July 18, 2014

Beauty in the Dark Places

"He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory." -Isaiah 61:3

I have been to the dark places of self worth. I have seen first hand the evil that lives there. It takes over your mind, heart, and spirit. You feel crushed and broken. The dark places where you don't recognize yourself. I have been there. I have conquered that dry and weary place. 

I have always had body image issues. Ever since I was a little girl I remember being a little bigger than the other girls. Not the kind of big that most people would notice but the kind that you see in the mirror when changing clothes. It didn't start as a big deal but as I became more mature I felt different. I wanted to look like the other girls. They didn't have hips or curves. They seemed more athletic and and more beautiful in my mind. 

I struggled with my body image all through high school. I thought I had to look a certain way. What I didn't realize was I was made in the image of God. He created me and He did it out of love. I know many girls (and women) who struggle with an unhealthy body image. We look at magazines and the TV and see models. Models who are bone thin and struggling themselves to fit into a "Hollywood" image that is fake. 

I have been so depressed that I starved myself. Except that didn't work because I really love food. I have eaten myself into oblivion. I am a stress eater. I don't reach for healthy snacks either. It is always ice cream or chips and dip. I used to think I looked really bad. I didn't know how to take a compliment. Especially, one from my husband. He always tells me I'm beautiful and my immediate response used to be "yeah right" or "ha!". I am changing my responses to "thank you". 

No matter how many times I tried I just couldn't feel good about myself. I would beat myself up mentally about the way I looked. Now, after having 3 children my body is totally different. I weigh more now than I did when I was pregnant with my children. I have stretch marks and age spots. And, if I thought I had hips before, well, I don't know what to call them now. LOL! 

I have been praying for my health for the last year. I have had so many issues and I believe they all stem from my diet and lack of exercise. I recently ordered the Trim Healthy Mama book and plan to dive right in when it arrives. If you don't know much about the book please look it up. I am very excited. It is a costly book but if I don't get my act together health-wise it will be costly for my family. I want to live a long and happy life. 

A friend of mine recently inspired me to get healthy. Not necessarily to lose weight but to feel better. She sent me a bible verse and I have been praying it ever since. 

"Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." -1 Corinthians 6:19-20

After reading this verse and studying it in my quiet time, I have come to love it. My body is a temple and I should treat it as such. That doesn't mean I can't have an occasional dessert and have a nice dinner. It means that I should take care of what God has given me. My body is His. He paid the ultimate price on the cross for me. I want to do my best to be a Godly example for others. 

I have the support of my husband. He is going to help me along the way. I have hope that one day I will be pain free and feel great. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I am taking the bull by the horns and embracing this new lifestyle. Yes, it is a lifestyle. It is not a quick fix. It is a lifelong commitment to take care of the only body I will ever get. I am doing this for God, my family, and myself. 

I know some people may read this and think I am being a little vain or self centered. That is not what I want you to think. There are many things that have led me to this place. My love for God is first and foremost. I want to please Him. One way to do that is to get myself well through a healthy lifestyle. I love my family and want to be there for them for a long time. 

If you are struggling with an unhealthy body image I am praying for you. I have been to that low place. The dark places that seem to cover your whole life. I know it seems lonely. But, you are not alone. God is with you. He was there with me through it all. He is holding your hand and holding your heart. God loves you just the way you are. 

I hope this helps someone today. I have poured my heart out here. This is who I am and who I was. It was hard to write but I know that God will use it for His glory. He will give you beauty for your ashes. 



Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday- 7/7/14

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I hope you all had a great Independence Day! We went to a cookout with some friends and then enjoyed a wonderful fireworks display with my sister and her crew and my neighbor and her crew. It was very nice. The kids had tons of fun. Hubby had a long weekend and we got a lot done around the house. I went through some things and donated about 3-4 bags worth of clothes, toys, books, etc. If I haven't used it in a year I don't need it. I feel so free when I get rid of stuff. Sometimes I get rid of too much stuff. But, it makes my Hubby happy. 

Here is the link to my article about Hope. I pray that you like it and can get something positive out of it. 

As I Look Out My Window:::
I see beautiful blue skies. Not a cloud in site. We had Hurricane Arthur breeze past us last week so this is welcome weather. 

Right Now I Am:::
Enjoying the quiet of the house while the big boys play outside. I can hear the dryer going in the garage (our laundry area is located in the garage) and the hum of the dishwasher. Wait...I also hear the baby talking in his bed. I guess nap time is over. LOL!

Thinking And Pondering:::
I've been thinking a lot about forgiveness and how we should extend grace to those who have hurt us (even if they don't know they hurt us). I have also been thinking about other's and how I can be a more positive influence to all those I meet. My children watch my every move and hear my every word. I want them to mimic a positive person and not some grumpy woman who has nothing better to do than to complain about everything. 

On My Bedside Table:::
The same stuff that is always there...lip balm, a book, a devotional, and my wrist brace.

On My TV This Week:::
24 comes on tonight
I have also been catching up on Call The Midwife on the internet

Listening To:::
I suppose I already answered this above but I am listening to the dryer and the dishwasher. Oh, and the baby quieted down. Yay! 

On The Menu For This Week:::
Monday- nachos
Tuesday- subs and chips (or fries depending on how I feel)
Wednesday- BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, peas
Thursday- breakfast food (pancakes, eggs, bacon)
Friday- Family Date Night at Anna's Pizza (we do a family date night once a month, the boys LOVE it)
Saturday- burgers on the grill, potato salad, baked beans (s'mores for dessert!)
Sunday- something in the crockpot

On My To Do List:::
Get all laundry washed, folded, and put away
Continue cleaning our school room for the fall
Finish this blasted quilt for my neighbor's daughter (I say that because I have procrastinated long enough)

Happening This Week:::
There is a swap meet tomorrow through Friday at my friend's church. I donated some items and plan to go one of the days. 
Hubby has vacation next week so I will be cleaning the house so we can relax while he is off. 
We do not go anywhere for vacation...we do a staycation!

What I Am Creating:::
The quilt. Nothing else right now.

My Simple Pleasure:::
Reading a good book on the front porch while sipping sweet tea. The breeze blowing and the sound of the birds chirping is all I hear. 

Homemaking Tips:::
Spend some time outdoors. If you get in a rut with your house work take a few minutes and step outside to refresh yourself. Take a deep breath and let all the work wait while you rejuvenate. It really helps me to refocus and get more done. 

Looking Around The House:::
I already did most of my cleaning today. That's what happens when you wake up at 5:30am to have coffee with the Hubby and have my quiet time with the Lord. I do have a lot of mess in the school room since I am trying to re-organize it. 

From The Camera:::

Prayer List:::
Our country and leaders
My hubby to have a fast work week
My children's salvation
My homeschooling year
To find a church home

Bible Verse/Devotional:::
"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." -James 4:8

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The "Awesome God" Guy {and a Giveaway!!}

I had the privilege of getting chosen to review a new movie. The movie is called Ragamuffin: Based On The Life Of Rich Mullins. I really didn't know much about Rich Mullins and didn't know if I would enjoy the movie or not. My Hubby was so nice to screen the film with me and give me his opinion (I will share that later). We both enjoyed the film but there were a few things you need to know up front before viewing this as a family. 

First, the "D" word is used a few times (in context). It didn't bother me too much but I was viewing it with my husband and no children were present. Also, there is alcohol abuse and smoking. Rich Mullins had a rough start in life so this film definitely reflects his story so that the viewer can relate. His father in the film seems abusive. There is no violence shown but there are hints of verbal and emotional abuse. Other than that I would HIGHLY recommend this film to any of my friends and family. 

Now, on to the good stuff. I titled this blog post The "Awesome God" Guy because Rich Mullins is the writer of that song. All this time I thought Michael W. Smith wrote it. LOL! He also wrote "Hold Me Jesus" (one of my favorites!). I really felt like I was in the movie and going through the emotions that he went through in his life. I could relate to many aspects of his story. Here is a summary of the film:

"RAGAMUFFIN is based on the life of Rich Mullins, a musical prodigy who rose to Christian music fame and fortune only to walk away and live on a Navajo reservation. An artistic genius, raised on a tree farm in Indiana by a callous father, Rich wrestled all of his life with the brokenness and crippling insecurity born of his childhood. A lover of Jesus and a rebel in the church, Rich refused to let his struggles with his own darkness tear him away from a God he was determined to love. As he struggled with success in Nashville and depression in Wichita, Rich desired most of all to live a life of honest and reckless faith amidst a culture of religion and conformity."

Here is a little about Rich Mullins:

"Singer and songwriter Richard Wayne “Rich” Mullins was best known for his worship song “Awesome God” which has been embraced as modern classics by many Christians. His music has been covered by many artists, including Caedmon’s Call, Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, Third Day, John Tesh, and Hillsong United. Mullins’ musical career formally began with Zion Ministries in the late 1970s, where he wrote music and performed with a band called Zion.  Mullins first solo hit, “Awesome God,” appeared on his third album and brought his music to a wider audience. Rich Mullins was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Gospel Music Association (GMA) on April 29, 2014."

I really enjoyed this movie very much. My Hubby says "It had me interested from beginning to end. I was rooting for the main character to succeed. I recommend it." He is a big movie buff so if he liked it, it must be good!


“Rich was a gifted songwriter with an amazing heart for people. This film reminded me that what really made Rich special was how undistracted he was with the things of this world. His was a heart yearning for God.” - Michael W. Smith Singer, Songwriter
“This film captures the life of one of the most important people in the history of modern evangelicalism, a ragamuffin that our children and our grandchildren need to know about.” - Shane Claiborne Author, Activist

Here are some other resources to get connected:

*Soundtrack also available July 22nd featuring Jars Of Clay, Derek Webb, Sidewalk Prophets, Audrey Assad, Leigh Nash and more! Plus 2 NEW, original, never-before heard songs from Rich Mullins recorded in the early 70’s!*

The movie is scheduled to be released on DVD on Tuesday, July 8th. You can purchase it here:

You could buy one for yourself and get an extra copy to give away to a Ragamuffin in your life. You could also enter to win the Ragamuffin DVD here on my blog. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you did for Independence Day (please make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you). Must be 18 or older to enter and live in the U.S. I will announce the winner on Monday, July 14th. Check back then to see if you are the winner!

So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment and enter for a chance to win the DVD! It was a great testament of faith by Rich Mullins and why he wrote some of the songs he did.



"Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

 Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.”

Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday- 6/30/14

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What a wonderful weekend we had around here. We did have some illnesses but they were minor. Saturday we went to my wonderful neighbors house for her daughter's 7th birthday. She has 4 daughters and we just adore all of them (they homeschool as well so we spend a lot of time together). The party was a lot of fun and involved a pinata, trampoline, and water balloons. At the party poor Ducky got stung by a bee on the bottom of his foot. He had a minor allergic reaction and his foot was very swollen and he couldn't put pressure of it. You will be glad to know we gave him the proper meds and he woke up Sunday morning with just a little pain and swelling. Saturday evening Monkey also came down with a high fever. No other symptoms but he wouldn't eat or drink anything. He woke up Sunday feeling a bit better with just a low grade fever. He did finally get his appetite back. 

Sunday afternoon we decided to go get some fireworks for the 4th of July. We had to go across the river to get them. While we were over there we went to this little beach and let the kids play in the sand and water. It must have been wonderful therapy for the soul because we all felt better when we got home. The beach can cure any ailment. LOL! 

As I Look Out My Window:::
The sun is shining and there are a few white, puffy clouds in the sky. The boys are playing in the sandbox together and the baby is napping. I also see that a squirrel must have gotten on the bird feeder because he knocked the whole thing loose. Stinkin squirrels!

Right Now I Am:::
I have a load of laundry going and just cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast. I am relaxing for a few minutes while the baby naps. 

Thinking And Pondering:::
I got a position (by volunteering) to write for another blog. It is called Inspired Moms Club. I am very excited and my first article will be coming out on Thursday. It is a great opportunity for me and I am praying that God will use me to help others. 

On My Bedside Table:::
A few books and some lip balm. 

On My TV This Week:::
Probably not too much except 24 tonight. My hubby and I will probably rent some movies from Redbox over the long weekend. 

Listening To:::
It is quiet in the house but I can hear my big boys out back talking about a huge vulture that they can see on the road. LOL! They are obsessed with falcons and vultures. 

On The Menu For This Week:::
Monday- chicken and rice casserole with homemade yeast rolls and salad
Tuesday- tacos with beans and salsa
Wednesday- Breakfast for dinner (aka Brinner) blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs
Thursday- pizza
Friday- Happy Independence Day! Cookout with friends!
Saturday- Hawaiian chicken on the grill, potatoes, zucchini, and squash (fresh from my mama's garden)
Sunday- hamburgers on the grill, beans, chips

On My To Do List:::
Homeschooling (just minimal nature study stuff for summer)
Writing a blog post for IMC (as mentioned above)
Cleaning the school room for a new school year
Homeschool planning for next year
Normal house work
Finish the baby quilt

Happening This Week:::
We stay home quite a bit so it may seem boring to some folks but I like it that way.
Friday is the 4th of July celebration and we have been invited some friend's house for a cookout. 
After the cookout we will go down the street and watch the local fireworks. It is so much fun!
Saturday Hubby and I may get to see his best friend and his wife for a while. We will go biking and get lunch with them. Not set in stone we have to nail down a sitter. Any takers?? 

What I Am Creating:::
I finally got to work on the quilt over the weekend. That's all I have left is to do the edge. I am very happy about that!

My Simple Pleasure:::
Just sitting with a hot cup of tea (or coffee depending on the day I've had) and reading from my Bible. God's word always speaks to me in some way and it rejuvenates me to continue on in my day. 

Homemaking Tips:::
Do a 15 minute tidy up each day before your Hubby comes home from work. I know it may sound silly but just to pick the toys up off of the floor and tidy up the kitchen a bit is so helpful for him to come home to. Well, at least that is what my Hubby has said to me. It is a small thing that I can do for him to say thank you for working so hard to provide for us. 

Looking Around The House:::
It's pretty neat for the time being. I am sure a tiny tornado will come through here at any time. But, that's the life I live with 3 small children. I don't live in a museum so I try to look at the bright side of things. 

From The Camera:::

Prayer List:::
I am praying for family needs.
My SIL has a lot of health issues and I really pray she finds the right doctor (and her insurance will cooperate).
Our country as we celebrate our freedom this Friday and the safety of anyone who ventures out.
For our troops both near and far. I am so thankful for their sacrifice and for the ones they leave behind to defend this country. 

Bible Verse/Devotional:::
"Now, O my God,  I pray, let Your eyes be open and Your ears be attentive to the prayer offered in this place." -2 Chronicles 6:40



Friday, June 27, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons And You Don't Feel Like Making Lemonade

You know the old saying "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". But, what if you just don't feel like it? What if you are tired? What if you are stressed? What if you are having a bad day, week, month? I am going to be very open and honest here today. I have been feeling all of these things. I have 3 boys. A 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 1 year old. They are wonderful blessings. They are also very full of energy. They are needy, loud, energetic, and silly. I am up during the night with one or another of them. I am up very early with the big boys. I have laundry, dishes, cleaning, meals to make. I feel overwhelmed at times and defeated by life.

A while ago my Hubby came home from work and surprised me with a card and my favorite coffee and a bag of Milanos Double Chocolate. The card said "Sometimes life gives you lemons and you don't feel like making lemonade". He knew exactly what I needed. My husband and I may argue and fight sometimes but we are best friends. We don't like to see each other hurt. I told him of some things that have been going on with me lately and he wanted to cheer me up. What a great guy!

I feel like I have been pretending for a long time. Pretending to be someone I'm not. I am naturally a loud, opinionated, sarcastic person. I have come a long way in taming these areas of my life but they are still a part of me. My husband fell in love with this person and never complains about my personality. I would love to be that quiet, meek, gentle wife and mother. But, I wear yoga pants most days. I speak my mind most of the time. I pretend to be happy when deep down I am crying inside. I pretend to not be lonely when all I want is for someone to call ME for a change and ask how I am. I pretend to have it all together when I am really falling apart at the seams. I could crack at any moment.

I had been going through a lot. My emotions were getting the best of me and people were seeing a very real, raw side to my personality. I was lashing out, getting angry, crying about everything. I felt that I had no one to talk to about it except my husband and sometimes my mom. My husband is a very good listener but he wants to fix everything. His intentions are the best, but sometimes a girl just wants to vent. I have tried to vent to others only to get told what I should and shouldn't be doing. Don't get me wrong...I can throw a great pity party. But, I just want someone to listen to me sometimes. I felt like I was screaming in a crowded room and no one could hear me. Only one person could heal this brokenness in my heart. Only one person hears my cries in my affliction:

"I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety." -Psalm 61:2 

My problems are not these huge, catastrophic things that will make or break me. These are matters of the heart. Matters of feeling lonely, vulnerable, and isolated. I find myself second guessing my decisions. I find it hard to trust people. I wonder why people don't treat me the way I treat them (as in being nice and loving).

I have talked with my husband and spent many hours pouring over the scriptures and praying. I have come to the conclusion that when something or someone causes you to be that hurt they are not worthy of your heart. The only being that is worthy of your whole heart is Christ. He loves us so much that He died for us. I saw a shirt a while ago and it said "You're worth dying for". Then there was a scripture to go a long with it. I think that is the greatest love of all.

God is my refuge and my strength. He heals my broken heart. He comes to my rescue when I am in need. He loves me in my triumphs and loves me in the valley. His hand is always guiding me and strengthening me. He gives me hope that I will one day live and walk with Him.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 Things I Have Learned In 10 Years Of Marriage

June 19, 2004. A day I will always treasure. The best day of my life. That is the day I married the best man I have ever known. The day I married my best friend. The day I became a Mrs. 

No matter how long I have been married he always makes me smile. It was a hot, sunny day. I woke up early to go and get my hair and make up done by my very good friend "Ms. H." We met at the church and that is where I became a princess. 

I walked the aisle of that country church at 4pm. I looked into his eyes at the end of the aisle and knew that so much love was waiting for me at the other end. I saw his eyes and knew that I was in good hands. His eyes said it all...he didn't even have to speak. 

As we said our vows and committed our lives to each other and to God I felt at peace. I felt so full of joy I could have burst. I felt so much love in that church. People had gathered. They gathered to witness two people commit to love, honor, and be faithful to one another. To put God first and each other next above all else. 

My love for this man has grown into something unexpected. Something I look forward to unwrapping each day like a brand new gift. He makes me feel loved, cared for, wanted. He makes me feel like a woman. 

Through the last 10 years I have learned a lot and we have gone through a lot. 10 years of marriage, 3 houses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 children. It has not been all joy and contentment. There have been struggles. Huge, heart-breaking, back-breaking struggles. But, we've gotten through them all because we have each other. We have God and we have each other. 

10 Things I Have Learned In 10 Years Of Marriage:

1. Laugh hard and laugh often. Laughter in marriage is very important. Especially when raising children. Laugh at yourself too. Don't take life too seriously. There are enough things in life that are serious. Laugh til you cry with your spouse.

2. Hold hands. You know this simple act is done very little anymore. Well, at least for me. The other day Hubby and I were walking around our yard looking at all of the flowers and trees and admiring their beauty. He suddenly took my hand in his and didn't let go for a long while. It made me feel like I belonged and that I wasn't alone in this world. I told him how it made me feel and we are making an effort to do this more often. Hold your man's hand. It will feel so wonderful. 

3. Let it go. Don't fight over the small stuff. Let things go and you will feel less stressed out. If you hold on to every little thing that your man does wrong, well, you are a prisoner and don't even know it. You are a prisoner of your controlling nature. Let it go and smile more. 

4. Flirt with your hubby. Before he gets home from work put on some perfume, put your hair up, and change out of those yoga pants. Greet him at the door with a kiss. Make him feel happy to come home and sad to leave. Send him sexy texts messages while he is at work or put a note in his lunch bag letting him know how much you love him. Flirting with your hubby is lots fun!

5. Do stuff together. If he likes to go hiking, go for a hike. If he likes playing basketball, go shoot some hoops with him. Believe me, he will want to do the stuff you like too. I like to go to the antique mall. I have noticed that if I do things he likes to do he actually suggests going to the antique mall. Have fun together and get out and do something. 

6. Be his best friend. My hubby recently called me his best buddy. I know that may sound silly to some women but I know my man and he meant it as the highest of compliments. We confide in each other, have each other's backs, tell secrets to each other, and do stuff together. He really is the best friend I have ever had. 

7. Go on dates. If you can get a sitter for the little ones go out for a meal and a movie or whatever you like to do. If you can't get a sitter, wait til the little ones are in bed and eat dessert together and snuggle on the couch. Either way, make time to be alone with your spouse.

8. Stop nagging. This seems pretty clear cut. If you find yourself nagging just take a breath and close your mouth. I have a very hard time doing this. I like to drive the nail in deeper and deeper. LOL! I have to remember to stop getting after him. He is his own person...I am not his Holy Spirit. 

9. Be intimate with your hubby. I know it can be difficult to make time for this and to be "in the mood" when you have time. But, it is so important to the marital relationship. God designed "it" for us. So, be intimate and enjoy it. 

10. Take time at least once a year (preferably on your anniversary) to reminisce about your wedding day. If you have photos look through them together. If you have a video watch it. We plan on doing the very thing. I love to look at the pictures and video. I always forget that something happened until I see it again. It is a lot of fun. 

I love being married. It has made me a better person and has filled my life with love, laughter, and joy. Marriage has also brought something else. Motherhood. Through my marriage to my husband we have three handsome little guys. I love them all so much it hurts. We also have our Baby Kendall in heaven...waiting for us. 

Just look at those rascals. They couldn't be cuter. These boys were born from love and into love. Our hearts are so full with them in our lives. 

Well, I pray you all will have a wonderful weekend. I am going to be celebrating my anniversary on Thursday night at our favorite steak house (I got a coupon for BOGO free!!). My in-laws so graciously said they would watch all three of the boys overnight so we will go to a late movie after dinner. Friday we want to wake up late...past 6am. LOL! Who knows what the day will bring but I am thrilled to spend it with the man of my dreams! Until next time...