Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love My Church

Scripture of the day: "Seek, and you will find." -Matthew 7:7b

I am so thankful for my church. Hubby and I have been so blessed to have been members at two very good churches in our married life. The one before our current church is so awesome. We met some fantastic people and families. It was a smaller church, but so full of God's love. The only reason we left was because we moved out of state for Hubby's job. There are some great, wonderful, loving people at "Grace" who love the Lord so much. All of the pastors and staff are so kind and caring. Thank you "Grace" for all you did for us and all you are doing for Christ.

Our current church, LBC, is so amazing. Our pastor and his wife are so sweet. You can tell they really love the Lord. LBC offers so many programs and opportunities to get involved. They offer children's programs including Awana's, Sunday school, and Wednesday night activities. For adults they offer Sunday school, Wednesday night bible studies (i.e. Beth Moore studies), choir, Heart Throbs (a senior adult choir), community groups, MOPS (mother's of preschoolers), and so much more.

If you come to LBC and don't get involved, it is your own fault. There are ample opportunities to study, sing, teach, learn, and volunteer. I am so thankful for our pastors, staff, volunteers, and child care providers.

Are you thankful for your church? If not, pray that God would reveal to you whether that is really the church for you and your family. Think about these questions when choosing a church and then google the churches you are thinking about visiting. Sometimes you can download some of the sermons to hear before you go.
  1. Does this church preach from the bible and believe it is true in it's entirety?
  2. Do they offer programs and bible studies for me and my family?
  3. Are there any opportunities to serve?
  4. Is Jesus Christ the center of the church?
  5. Is the church growing or dying?
There are many more things to consider, but number one is: Is this where God wants you and your family?

God Bless,


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Heather said...

Nice post. I love the pictures, too.