Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Mommy Life

Scripture of the day: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on Me hath everlasting life." -John 6:47, KJV

Midnight feedings

Blowout diapers (you know the kind...)

Throw up on your newest shirt

Cheerios stuck to the back of the seat in your car

Tiny muddy footprints on your freshly mopped kitchen floor

Sticky hands

Bubbles galore

Hand prints on every inch of wall from the waste down

One million pairs of tiny socks to match and fold

Dirty faces

Skinned up knees

Never a quiet moment

And...what's that SMELL???

I am so thankful for being a mommy. Days like the list above I sometimes wonder why people would choose this path for their lives. But God made women to be mother's. He put something deep in our hearts and souls that gives us that "motherly instinct", "mother's intuition", and that "yearn to be a mommy". I love both of my boys and pray for them often. I hope to have more children in the future if God so wills to bless us with more.

Kisses for no reason

Hugs in the midst of chaos

Helping hands with the dishes (even if they are all in the wrong spot)


Toy trucks everywhere

Tiny cute clothes

Hand drawn pictures of "nakes" (Bears way of saying "snakes")

Kissing boo-boo's

Hearing their sweet voices say "Wuv you mommy"

Reading bedtime stories and using funny voices for the characters

Singing "Jesus loves me" and "ABC's"

And the list goes on...

These are the few of many reasons I love being a mommy. My children are the highlight of my day. Seeing their smiling faces looking back at me makes me so happy. I have the God-given privilege of calling myself a mommy.

This was our Easter picture...can't you see how much fun we were having? LOL!

When I was pregnant with each of my boys, it was such a joyous and blessed time. I don't know how any woman can deny God if they have ever experienced being pregnant and the miracle of child birth.

Thank you God for allowing me the honor of taking care of two wonderful boys, who I pray will grow up and be God fearing young men someday.

God Bless,


Happy Mother's Day!!!