Thursday, May 19, 2011

More than Enough

Scripture of the day: "Let me be neither rich not poor. So give me only as much food as I need. If I have more, I might say that I do not need you. But if I am poor, I might steal and bring disgrace on my God." -Proverbs 30:8-9, GNT

Have you ever gotten a case of "keeping up with the Jones'"? I am guilty! I hate to admit it, but sometimes the human in me gets the "gimmies". Give me more money, give me a better car, give me a better get the picture. Money has a hold on people. It takes such control of our lives that some of us work our whole lives to be "rich" and miss out on what really matters in life. Lately I have really been trying to be content with what God has given me. The title of today's post is "more than enough" because no matter what extras in life I may want, God has given me enough. My family has more than enough food so that we do not go hungry, we have a big enough house to accommodate our family, we have more than enough fun and good times together. More often than not, He gives us more than we deserve.

Hubby and I are starting the Dave Ramsey envelope system for our budget this week. We use our debit cards for all of our purchases and then wonder why at the end of the month there is nothing left. With this system you use cash for all of your purchases. If the cash is gone, then you cannot make anymore purchases. If you have money left over then you can roll it over to next month or put it in savings or toward a bill.

God has given us more than enough to provide for our needs. It is up to us on how we use His resources. We want to be good stewards of what the Lord has provided for us, so we are devising a budget and sticking to it until we are debt free. I want to be generous with what we have by giving more to other causes. We have prayed about it and know that the Lord will bless our efforts.

We need to learn to be content with what we have, otherwise we will spend our whole lives chasing after "things". We should be storing up our treasures in heaven where they will not rust or get old. These things here on earth, we cannot take them with us. We can leave a legacy of faith behind to our family and friends. Faith that says "I believe in God and I believe God will provide for us."

I am so thankful that God has provided more than enough for me (more love, more friends, more family, more of Him). Thank you Lord!

God Bless,


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