Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daddy Dates

Have you ever heard of a daddy date? Are you curious as to what it is? I was very curious, so I read Daddy Dates by Greg Wright. I highly recommend this book for all men who have daughters. I got a lot out of this wonderfully written book. The front cover says "Four Daughters, One Clueless Dad, and His Quest to Win Their Hearts."

Greg Wright was almost thirty years old when he looked around at his life and realized he had four daughters that he didn't know anything about. He came up with the idea of taking each of them on individual daddy date to talk to them and get to know them. This book is about his journey of how he got where is is today. His concept is so amazing. I had heard of this before but never really knew what it was or what to expect. Daughters have a need for a caring, loving, affectionate father in their lives who really wants to know them. Greg got it right!

Here is a great quote from pages 33-34: "Here's what I have come to believe about parenting. For me, there are three equations that describe the balance between rules and relationships and yield predictable results: 1. Rules - Relationship = Rebellion, 2. Relationship - Rules = Destruction, 3. Relationship + Rules = Connection".

Greg also put a daddy dates pop quiz in the back of the book. It is very similar to a personality test. There are four results: Lion, Golden Retriever, Otter, and Beaver. I took the test myself and found out that I have a "Beaver" personality type. That means that I am analytical, too critical, controlling, precise, factual, and accurate to name a few. I thought it was pretty accurate in the results. There are also fifteen different daddy dates suggestions. Here are a few: the dinner date, the bookstore/library date, the fancy-schmancy date, the picnic date, and the great outdoors date.

He not only suggests you do daddy dates, but take your wife on dates as well. Wives need that time with their husbands. Afterall, all women are daughters.

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This book was given to me to review by BookSneeze. The opinions are my own.

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