Thursday, June 2, 2011


Scripture of the day: "As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him." -Psalm 103:13

I asked Bear what he was thankful for today and he said "DADDY!" So I then asked him why he was thankful for daddy and he told me all the things he likes to do with daddy. Here is the list (some of the words may be spelled wrong, but I was trying to pronounce them the way he does):
  1. Pway in my woom (play in my room)
  2. Pway me ouside (play with me outside)
  3. Pway in na water and get wet (the sprinkler)
  4. Water the darden with my yittle buckets (water the garden with my little buckets)
  5. Wash daddy cars and poppy cars
  6. Sing ABC's
  7. Watch "Tifford" (Clifford), Elmo, Nemo, George, Sid, Marfa Beaks (Martha Speaks)
  8. Build Towers
  9. Pway "fall down" (daddy falls on the ground and Bear jumps on him)
  10. Daddy's boo boo, me bit him ( he randomly thought of this b/c he bit daddy the other day for the first time ever)
  11. Wun fast, fast (Run)
  12. Wead (read) "Bown, Bear, Bown, Bear" (Brown Bear)
  13. Pway at the park (he then proceded to beg "Peeez, mommy go to park")
  14. Pway at the beach (then he said "told, brrrrrr!") with the "shells" and "Big wocks" (rocks)
That is about it. We obviously love doing things with him.

Daddy made this "house" for him

Having fun with daddy's friends

God Bless,


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