Friday, July 8, 2011

Managing God's Money

I've read other books written by Randy Alcorn before but never one about money. Managing God's Money is a biblical guide to teach us how to spend the money God has put into out care. This is jam packed with biblical references. God has a lot to say about how we spend our money and Randy Alcorn has gone through each verse in the bible and made it clear for us to understand. Just read these section titles:
  1. Money and Possessions: Bible 101
  2. Perspectives that impede Faithful Money Management
  3. Our Stewardship in Eternity's Light
  4. Giving and Sharing God's Money and Possessions
  5. Wisely Handling God's Money and Possessions
  6. Passing the baton of Wise Stewardship
The most common phrase being "God's money and possessions". In this book you will be reminded that everything we have is God's. We cannot take things with us when we die. We can store up treasures in heaven. During Jesus' time on earth, He spoke more about money than any other topic. Money is important, but it is not to be worshipped or take over our lives. Randy Alcorn is very detail-oriented and he does not skip a beat with this book. He tells us what God says about money and how we spend it or don't spend it.

He also spends some time on the subject that we, as Christians, find very important. Tithing. This topic is so tricky because most people feel very passionate about their opinion of it. But we need to know what the bible says about it. That's what section four is all about.

There is also a chapter about debt. I know, this is a hard subject to deal with because we all have some kind of debt. Randy Alcorn digs deep into the bible to find the answers we need to hear. This is a must-read for anyone wanting to know what God says about money, possessions, debt, tithing, saving, materialism, and much more.

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