Friday, July 8, 2011

The Quotable Rogue

Matt Lewis did a great job in researching and collecting these incredible quotes by Sarah Palin. I did not know what to expect in choosing this book to review. I am a Sarah Palin fan but did not know that some of the things I have heard on television were taken out of context. This book gives you the entire quote and some background about the conversation.

There are quotes from Sarah Palin about abortion, Alaska, Barak Obama, civil rights, family, health care, politicians, faith, and much more.

At the end of the book there is a section that includes quotes others have said about Sarah Palin. I did not realize she was so quotable. There is really a lot of advice to be taken from this book. It gives you an inside look into Mrs. Palin's mind and what she really things of certain subjects. She is very smart and passionate about a lot of things. She is especially passionate about America and it's future. She really loves her country and her family.

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