Friday, October 21, 2011

The Love & Respect Experience


Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is the author of the book and bible study Love & Respect. I have participated in the bible study about a year ago with my husband and it changed our marriage. The Love & Respect Experience is a devotional that goes along with the book. It has one devotional per week for 52 weeks. Folks, that is one full year of devotionals for married couples. What better way to spend 30 minutes per week together to strengthen the foundation of your marriage. I read the book for myself for this review but plan to have my husband participate after I'm done.

This devotional is divided into 52 chapters. Each chapter represents each week. In each chapter Dr. Eggerichs includes a scripture that goes along with that week's devotional. There is a prayer and an "action" included at the end of each chapter. The "action" is something that both you and your spouse are to participate in to further your experience with the book.

Here is an example of an "action" from chapter 15:
  • "One couple I know puts little signs around their home that say, 'Talk to me like you LOVE me', and 'Talk to me like you RESPECT me.' What better way to make it easier to tell each other the truth?"
At the back of the book Dr. Eggerichs has included some discussion questions to go with each chapter. These questions will allow you to dig deeper into each devotional to get more out of them. Here are some of the titles to the chapters:

Chapter 4- God joined you together, and He will keep you together.
Chapter 13- Those who pray together learn to Love & Respect together.
Chapter 24- It's hard to be negative while being thankful.
Chapter 39- Look! Just over your spouse's shoulder! It's Jesus!
Chapter 43- Your children are watching.

I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to sharing it with my husband. My experience has been great with this book. Wives crave more time with their husbands especially devotional time. Husbands tend to be content just being in the same room as their wives. This devotional will make both parties happy and leave them both satisfied with their time spent together.

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