Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Espresso For Your Spirit

{Book Review}

Espresso For Your Spirit by: Pam Vredevelt is a book for "Pooped Out Parents". It was a book filled with stories by the author. Some of them were very heart-warming and some were very funny. It was a break from the normal parenting book. Not really an advice book as much as it was a "coffee break" from your everyday life. I received this book as an e-book. Actually, this was my first time ever reading an e-book. I have to say that I do NOT like reading books on my computer. I do not own an e-reader, nor do I EVER plan on it. I love the feel of a book in my hand. I like to feel the pages between my fingers and the smell the paper. I know it sounds silly, but I guess I am old fashioned. I do not think I will be reading many books on my computer unless it is an extra good one.

Espresso For Your Spirit was a joy to read. The stories and dialogue in the book were very sweet and funny. At the beginning of each chapter is a scripture to go along with the story. The author also includes some quotes from Christian leaders and counselors. There are also some questions at end of the book for each chapter to challenge you as a parent. I found them very helpful in my own walk as a mommy to my two boys. It helped me to think about how my children see me as a parent and to possibly tweak a few things along the way. I would recommend this book to any parent who just needs a break from "the norm" and wants to read some silly, fun stories from one parent to another.

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