Friday, December 9, 2011

Bear and Ducky's Christmas Adventures (Part one)

This is our Christmas tree. Although, in the picture it's not quite finished. Since then I have added a small star to the top and my tree skirt. I really love this time of year. I love having my tree up. It makes me happy and makes my children happy. As you can see from this picture we had to put all of the unbreakable ornaments on the bottom because Ducky keeps taking them off. When he does this, Bear comes running to me screaming to the top of his lungs "Baby is taking the ornaments off!!!" So, mommy comes to the rescue and has "Baby" put them back on the tree (which he does and thinks it's funny).

This is Bear helping us decorate the tree. He has a cheesy grin on his face, but he was a big helper. He wasn't putting all of the ornaments in the same spot and he kept asking Hubby and I where he should put certain ones because he needed some ideas.

This one is Ducky helping (actually being forced to help is more like it. Just so Mommy and Daddy could get a picture). LOL! The things we parents do for a good picture of our children. He did want to help at first, but he got a little impatient.

Bear and Ducky were obsessed with all the snowmen I collect. Some of them sing and dance. They were very amused. I have a whole table at my front door decorated with snowmen (I even have a sign that says "I Love Snowmen"). I have been collecting them for years.

And finally, the one has nothing to do with Christmas but I just HAD to add it. Bear is my super hero. He and Ducky got into my tea towels and few days ago and stuffed them into the backs of their shirts. Then they came running over to me while I was cooking dinner and said "Look at us, we're Super Heroes". I could not get a good picture of Ducky (being that he is only 16 months old and has the squirmies). I just love this picture!

So, that's what we have been up to this month. I think I will do another blog post in a couple of days to update you on our Christmas adventures. Merry Christmas everyone!

God Bless,


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