Monday, December 19, 2011

Bear and Ducky's Christmas Adventures (Part 2)

Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome back to another chapter in Bear and Ducky's Christmas Adventures. Last week Hubby and I took the kiddos to a local amusement park. The park decorates for Christmas and has a bunch of shows with that same theme. We got tickets EXTREMELY cheap and so we all went. It was sooooo much fun. There were thousands of Christmas lights, carolers, music, rides, and food. We had a blast watching the little ones look at each thing with amazement. They also had a Sesame Street show. Now, if you know my kids you will know that they LOVE Elmo. That little red monster just rocks their little worlds. When they both saw Elmo and the whole SS gang, they were in awe. Here are a few pics from our adventure:

So, as you can see we had lots of fun. Hubby even rode a ride that take you really high up in the air and then free falls back down. Not my cup of tea I'll tell ya. But he loves a good thrill. When Hubby was on the ride going up, up, and away, Bear kept saying "Mommy, Daddy's gonna fall". I said...yup, he's gonna fall, but the ride will catch him. Bear wanted to get on the the big roller coasters and even wanted to ride the scary one Hubby rode on, but he changed his mind after he saw what really happened on the ride. LOL!

All of that to say that I really wish we could all get back to the real meaning of Christmas. I know this year has been stressful for Hubby and I. We recently had some car trouble and it cost a LOT of money. We have been trying to save as much as possible by not eating out, not going places much (to save on gas), and doing a lot of things ourselves (projects, homemade stuff). We (as a culture) get caught up in what we buy for people or what we are going to get from people. I love to give presents, but sometimes it just isn't possible to give what you want, so you have to get creative. I will do a post on the project that I am making for the Grandparents after Christmas (they look at my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise). I want Jesus to be at the center of everything I do all year long, especially at Christmastime. He is the reason for the season, right?!

When you are feeling overwhelmed by the presents, wrapping, going to and fro, baking, and get-togethers...remember that we are celebrating the birth of our Savior. Take a few minutes to stop and thank Him and praise Him. Hubby and I have been overwhelmed this Christmas with stress. But, we have been more overwhelmed with the love that other's have shown us. We have had a few people do extraordinary things for us and we are so grateful. We may not be able to give people things that cost money, but we can show love and appreciation by saying or doing a good thing for someone who needs it. Pay It's what Jesus wants us to do.

Merry Christmas and God Bless you this holiday season!


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