Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Sweet Moments

I am not a morning person at all, but my little ones have been under the weather lately and have been waking up extra early. So, being the great mommy that I am I get up with them so daddy can sleep. Getting up early is definitely not on my list of things I want to do everyday, but this morning made is all worth while.

Bear (my 3 year old) got up at 7am (Yes, on a Saturday, our only day to sleep past 7am) and wanted to go lay on the couch and watch TV. So that's what we did. I got a quilt and pillow and we cuddled on the couch while Daddy and Ducky slept in. As we lay watching TV Bear turned to me and grabbed my face (one hand on each cheek). He looked me in my eyes so tenderly and said "Mommy, You are so cute." He said it so sweetly. Then, he kissed me twice. Awwwww....

Now, if you know Bear on a personal level, you will know that he is very introverted and shy. He can actually seem kinda mean if you see him in public and he doesn't know you and you say hi to him. He will hide his face or give you the evil eye. We are working on him...that's another story. But I try to tell people what a sweet heart he has. He is so caring., especially to Ducky. He wants to include his little brother in everything. If Bear gets a cookie for being good, he immediately says "Baby get one too". He calls Ducky "Baby" because he is the baby in our family until another one comes along. If Bear gets to go outside, he always wants Ducky to come and play. He has the sweetest disposition at home.

He is just VERY shy. He does not like talking to strangers (which can be a good thing). But I would like for him to at least say hi when someone acknowledges him at the grocery store, or smile at the little old lady in the library. Like I said we are working on him. But I see all of the sweet moments he has. If you could be a fly on the wall of our home, you too would see his true heart shine bright.

Ducky on the other hand is only 16 months old and will go right to strangers. He talks to them and would walk over to them, if I let him. He is going to be the one to tell everyone his phone number and address. LOL! My little sister was that way, we had to really get on her because she would tell everybody.

So, my point is, don't judge people's children based on what you see in public. Some children are shy and don't take to strangers easily. Some of them may be attached to their parents (or mommy, as Bear is). If they are acting strange or wild or whatever the case may be, try to think about how they act at home in their comfort zone. It may surprise you to know how they really are.

God Bless,


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