Friday, January 13, 2012

{Friday Favorites #2}

My Newest Quilt

I absolutely LOVE to quilt and sew. My wonderful MIL got me started about a year ago. She bought me a quilt top already made. That's all I had to do was add batting and backing and finish it. You can read all about it and view it HERE. I love using it everyday.

After I finished that quilt, I decided I wanted to try doing one on my own. The one pictured above is the finished quilt. I completed it on Wednesday and I am so excited. It is a small lap quilt. I think I will hang it on a wall to display it (at least until I have a baby girl to give it to). Haha! I can dream can't I? I love the color pink. It is my favorite. I also love the color combinations that you can do with pink. Green, brown, red, orange, etc.

See, my boys and dog even liked it. They wanted to snuggle up in it already (even though it's girly). I really enjoy sewing and making something with my hands. I am going to start crocheting again as well. That is, after I finish my next quilt. My MIL got another quilt top for me to complete for Christmas. She also got herself and my SIL one to do. We are going to have fun having quilting bees together. What fun!!

God Bless,



Maple Lane said...

Hi Kristy, It's so very nice to meet you through Friday Favorites. What a lovely quilt; you should be very proud of that. What a sweet pic of you and your boys and little dog. You, your MIL and SIL will have a wonderful time quilting together!

Enjoy the weekend!

Maple Lane said...

Kristy, After reading through several of your posts, I wanted to introduce you to a long-time blog friend of mine: Amy, at Life in Pink Hi-Tops. She loves to sew and crochet and has 3 boys and 1 girl and is a wonderful Christian. She currently is making prayer shawls. She has made me many things - including some cute Mary Engelbreit treasures. I think you two would love each other's blogs. Here is her url:
I've signed on as a follower to your blog!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

The quilt is gorgeous-I can see why everyone loves it. Plus, I have a thing for pink!! Doesn't everything go with pink?

lifewithyou1222 said...

Wow....what a great talent!! Beautiful quilt!

Sandra said...

What a beautiful quilt, I wish I could quilt :)