Monday, February 6, 2012

{Happy Homemaker Monday- 2012 #6}

Well, another weekend has come and gone. I hope your's was a good as mine. We had my hubby at home all weekend (which hasn't been happening very often). We just relaxed and had a good time as a family enjoying each other. We watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night. That's about it.

The Weather:::
It is VERY cold here today. There was ice on Hubby's car this morning and he had to start his car for a few minutes to defrost the windshield. It is supposed to get up to 48 or 50 degrees. We will see.

On My Reading Pile:::
A new book review due on Friday. It is a children's book called Cooper and Me and the Military. I love these books. They are adorable. Not much for me this week.

On My TV:::
Not too much today. The kids will watch their normal Sesame Street and Dora. I will be busy cleaning and doing laundry.

On The Menu For This Week:::
Monday- chicken alfredo with homemade French bread
Tuesday- leftovers
Wednesday- wacky breakfast
Thursday- tacos and Mexican rice
Friday- Pizza night
Saturday- chicken and rice casserole with salad and biscuits
Sunday- chicken noodle soup with crusty bread

On My To Do List:::
Fold and put away laundry
put in a load of dishes
clean kitchen
organize toys

What I Am Sewing/Creating:::
I am still practicing my crochet work. I want to make a cuddle blanket (if I can master this skill). I am also making more yo-yo's. They are so fun and cute!

In Homeschooling:::
We have been doing Reading Eggs everyday with Bear. We got a free 5 week trial and he now recognizes the letter's "s" and "m". He already knows a few others but he didn't know these two.

Looking Around The House:::
I see things that need to get done, but I also see a little boy playing with his train set. I see sweet love in his eyes and a little cutie pie Ducky who smiles all the time.

From The Camera:::

I had to share this one again. Isn't she cute!?

Something Fun To Share:::
I've got nothing this morning. Still tired from getting minimal sleep. Maybe something fun will happen today :)

On My Prayer List:::
My sister and her new baby. The baby has been in the hospital since last night. My sister couldn't wake her up. Her bilirubin levels have escalated over the past few days. Please pray for her. She is having some tests run now.

Bible Verse/Devotional:::

"The LORD sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness." -Psalm 41:3

God Bless,



Lara said...

Hi Kristy!
I came here through Sandra's blog and I enjoyed reading your list. You have such a nice blog and your children are beautiful. I will be praying for your sister's baby.

Sandra said...

Praying for your little niece.

Hope you have a wonderful week and stay warm :)

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Praying for your niece.