Thursday, March 1, 2012

{But I had other plans...}

Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (NIV)

This Bible verse has been on my heart heavily this week. It really makes sense, but it makes it hard to accept at times. I may have a plan for something, but God directs me in which way I will go by opening or closing doors. Hubby and I had some "not-so-good" news this week that we really didn't like. But, we trust that God has bigger and better things in store for us. We have to be patient and wait on the Lord. He will reward our diligence and hard work. He may not reward it here on earth, but it will not go unnoticed when we meet Him in heaven. We, as humans, want immediate results for our work and patience. It is just who we are. We can't help it. I know I have times when I want something and I want it now. I can't be like that though.

God is constantly working on my heart. He is preparing me for His kingdom and glory. This past week was a test. I am not sure I passed it. Trials and tribulations either make us bitter or better (my Pastor said that a few weeks ago at church). He also said that we must praise God in obedience. God wants us to be obedient. So, even in our hardest times in life we have to praise Him. No, I don't always feel like doing that. Matter of fact, I find that I don't do that. I am going to start right away. My Pastor also said that most of the time when we praise God (out of obedience, rather than genuinely) we end up being genuine. Our hearts break for God and the love He has for us. I know mine does.

I also want to be an example to my children. If I break down every time something bad happens or things don't go my way, they will mimic that behavior ten fold. They are little sponges and whatever we say/do, they soak up into their hearts and minds and keep it forever. Am I putting good things into their hearts, am I filling their minds with foolishness? Or, am I filling them with love, knowledge, respect, and kindness? I hope they see love in me. I love my children so much. I hope that one day they will accept the Lord into their hearts. My Hubby and I pray so much about this. It is the thing I pray for the most. I want them to be saved and to know God and feel His love the way I do.

My plans may have been messed up this past week. My heart may be breaking for the situation. But, PRAISE GOD that we still have so many other blessings in our lives. Hubby and I have two healthy boys and another little blessing on the way. Hubby has a job in this tough economy. I get the joy and pleasure to be able to stay home with my children and homeschool them. We have a wonderful house that is full of love and family that is very supportive. I think God's plan for us will be much better than we could ever imagine. Better than we can even fathom. His ways are higher than our ways. He wants us to succeed, be happy, and love Him most of all.

Thank you God for all You have blessed me with: my faithful husband, my wonderful children, a God fearing church, loving family, great friends, and much more.

God Bless,



Nanny said...

I was really touched by your words and the transparency of your heart. We are all a "work in progress" - Praise God!

Jennifer said...


I hope your week gets better and I'm so impressed with your insight in dealing with bad news. :)

I'm glad I happened upon your blog. I just read your disclosure page that you're trying Time4Learning. My family has been using Time4Learning for several years now and we love it! It makes homeschooling easier for me because they do all the organization for me, and I can print whatever reports I want to see what my kids have worked on. Even if you supplement Time4Learning with pleny of other things too (we supplement it with Handwriting Without Tears) it is a huge timesaver for busy moms. I'll check back in a month or so - can't wait to see what someone new to the program thinks of it!