Monday, March 12, 2012

{Happy Homemaker Monday- 2012 #11}

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Sorry I didn't post last week. I have been very ill. My week started off with the worst sore throat I have ever had in my life. I literally could not swallow. My ears were hurting and I was just feeling horrible. Hubby took off on Tuesday to take me to the doctor's office where they told me I had an upper respiratory infection and put me on antibiotics. I immediately started on those and felt a little better each day. On Thursday I woke up and had some pregnancy related complications and had to go to the doctor yet again for an emergency ultrasound. Everything turned out to be OK but I have still been having some complications. Not sure what is going on. Please pray for us. I decided today that I a feeling a little bit better. Well, better enough to blog a little. So, here goes...

The Weather:::
Spring has sprung around here...for this week at least. It will be in the 70's all week and almost hitting 80 this weekend. It's gonna be a good one! I am so thankful for this beautiful weather.

On My Reading Pile:::
Honestly, I got nothing. I have not had much time to read (although being on bed rest you would think I would, but I really haven't). I am not a bed rest kinda person. I get antsy and extremely tired. LOL!

On My TV:::
HGTV is on right now and in just a little while I will put on Food Network. Since I have nothing better to do...I love to watch people cook!

On The Menu For This Week:::
Hubby went to the grocery store yesterday and bought lots of quick meals. I do not have a set menu but I do foresee spaghetti and chicken nuggets in the future.

On My To Do List:::
Well, I have a lot that I need to do. But, I am not allowed so I will be doing nothing. My MIL is coming over later to fold about 5 loads of laundry for me (God Bless her soul). That will be a huge help.

What I Am Sewing/Creating:::
Have not done any sewing lately either. I miss it! I want to work on my quilt top that I got for Christmas. I think I will start that as soon as I am back on my feet.

In Homeschooling:::
I got a free 30 day trial of Time4Learning for Bear so we will be doing that a little later. He seems to like it a lot.

Looking Around The House:::
Right now my house is a little crazy. Hubby has been doing a lot though. The kids seem to destroy it in mere seconds. LOL! I do have clean dishes though thanks to Hubby. The laundry is pretty crazy, but that too will be taken care of later :)

From The Camera:::

Not the greatest picture of baby peanut, but you get the point.

Something Fun To Share:::
It's going to be so nice this week that the kids can go outside and play a lot. They will love it!

On My Prayer List:::
My precious baby being healthy and safe. For me to get better (this cold has kicked my hiney!).

Bible Verse/Devotional:::
"The LORD sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness." -Psalm 41:3

I hope you all have a great week! Enjoy the weather (if you have good weather).

God Bless,


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Modified Mommy said...

Praying for you and the baby! We had a scare in the beginning of this pregnancy also, so I'm feeling for you. Take care!