Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Stepping out of my comfort zone}

My husband and I have recently embarked on a new journey in our lives. It's a new chapter for us. We left our home church and have started to search for a new one. We left the church not because of negative things that happened. Actually, it is quite the opposite. The church is very large and really growing. The preaching is excellent and the people are very nice. There is great opportunity there for families. Unfortunately, it is 35 minutes from our house. I know...that isn't that bad. The problem is that we feel like we can't really get involved because of the distance. I tried going to the Wednesday night Bible studies for a year but we would get home so late and the kids were not happy about only seeing Daddy for 10 minutes. So, I decided not to go on Wednesday's anymore. We considered going to Sunday school but the problem then is you have to get to church at 9am and not leave until 1pm. That is a long time to put my children in the nursery (of 800 or so kids, though not all in the same class). We don't want to do that to them.

So, here we are trying different churches locally. We loved our old church but prayed about this decision for a year. We felt the Lord telling us it was time to move on. We feel led to really serve at church. We want to put our skills to use in the local church. This past Sunday we tried our first one. Let me tell you...I was very pleased. First of all, this church came highly recommended by my SIL who visited a few times with her family. They unfortunately live 1 hour away from it...so they found a church closer to them. Second of all, this church is located one block from our house. Doesn't get much better than that does it?! Thirdly, we felt soooo welcome by everyone. Every person who could came over and introduced themselves and said hi. It is a very small church (which surprisingly was wonderful). The church we are leaving has thousands of members (which isn't why we are leaving). I believe this new church has less than 100 members. It is very small and lovely. I liked that people welcomed us and didn't look at us like we were aliens from another planet (we have had this experience before). Oh, and another great thing is that most of the families homeschool. That is really exciting.

I will say that I am not sure if this is where the Lord wants us to be but we really enjoyed our visit. We have a meeting with the Pastor and his wife. We do plan on attending again and hopefully this will be our new church home. Hubby and I were very comfortable at the old church....even though we felt lost in the crowd. We felt we were needed somewhere else. Somewhere that we couldn't hide from opportunities. A church that had families that looked similar to our own. We stepped out of our comfort zone and holding out our hands for God to guide us in the direction of His plans. It is very scary and exciting at the same time. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for my family and where He will lead us in the future.

Please keep us in your prayers as we embark on this journey.



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