Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great News for the Jensen Family!

I know it has been a while since I last posted anything. I have been very ill and extremely exhausted. That can mean only one thing, right?! Well, if you guessed I am pregnant you are RIGHT! We are expecting a new baby in March 2013. I am about 13 weeks along and we waited to announce it to everyone until we were out of the "danger zone". Considering we lost baby Kendall back in March this has been a bittersweet journey for us. I have cried and I have been over-joyed. This new baby is due just about the same week we lost baby Kendall this past year.

We are so excited about having this new little one and wouldn't trade it for the world. We find out at the end of this month what sex the baby is. We already have 2 boys, Bear (almost 4) and Ducky (2). I love that my children are so close in age regardless of what sex they are. God has blessed us with so much love for them and from them. Here is a picture of our newest little one:

What a beautiful miracle! I am so happy!

On a side note, we just started diving in to preschool at home. Most of you know we home educate our children for various reasons (I will be doing a post about that soon). So, I thought it would be nice to post our homeschooling adventures here on my blog. I am very excited about this new adventure. Look for more Bear and Ducky's great adventures in preschool soon!



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ashley spence said...

I know the boys just love there new brother!