Monday, February 4, 2013

My life right now...

I can't believe I only have 6 weeks left until our newest little blessing arrives. I am very excited to meet our new son. But, I am also anxious about having 3 children. Everyone has their own opinion on the situation. Some people say adding another one is not a big deal at all. While others say adding another one is like adding 10 more. I don't know what to expect. I just know that I am leaning on God's strength to get me through anything that may come my way. We have not picked a name yet. I am going crazy trying to think of a name for our little guy. We have it narrowed down to just a few...but only God knows what we will name him on his birthday.

This pregnancy has been the hardest yet. I was terribly ill for the first 12 weeks. Then, I had migraines for the first 20 weeks. I am talking like 4-5 per week. I have had horrible back pain and my gallbladder has been acting up. To add to that I am anemic and feel very tired all the time. I have been trying to really enjoy having this baby in my belly. You never know when it will be your last pregnancy. Only God knows that. The baby has been very active. Bear and Ducky are so excited to have a little brother. They love to kiss my belly and lay their heads on it to see if they can hear him. They talk to the baby through my belly button. LOL! It is so cute!

I have been doing some Bible studies about loving and respecting my husband. I have read many books lately about it as well. It has been wonderful and really changed my marriage. I mean, we weren't doing horrible anyway. But, going through these studies has made it all the better. I really have the best husband in the whole world. Since I am so huge and pregnant now, he does the laundry and even folds it for me. That's all I have to do is put it away. He takes care of me and rubs my feet and back. He lets me lay on his lap and watch TV if I am uncomfortable. I am so happy that God chose him for me. I have learned a lot through the years about marriage and how to treat my husband. I am a strong woman with strong opinions. I have learned to calm the storm within and let things go. I still get hormonal once in a while but I must say I feel like I have improved over the years. God gave me this wonderful man. He is a gift. I want to treat him that way. Just like my babies are a gift.

So, as I start nesting and getting ready for baby boy #3, I will try to keep you posted. I will, of course, post pics when he is born. I cannot wait to meet him. Please be in prayer as I get ready to go through this journey. Also, be in prayer for me as I go into this delivery knowing that I will not be using any drugs to help with pain. I used them the last 2 times...this time I am trusting God to get me through it.



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ashley Spence said...

I'm so happy for y'all right now. There are so blessings happening to your family god is great!