Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Peek Inside Jensen Family Academy

A new school year is about to begin. We have been busy this summer getting the classroom all set up for school. Bear is going into kindergarten and Ducky is going into pre-k. They are both very excited. They beg to do school work all the time. I love it at this age because they actually want to do their work and are eager to learn so I am taking full advantage of this. I just wanted to share my classroom with you. I wish I could find the pictures of this room as it was when we first bought this house over 3 years ago. I will describe it to you. The room we are using as a classroom is an addition that the previous owners built on. It is one large room with a full bathroom. It is all handicap accessible because the gentleman it was built for was very elderly and wheelchair bound. I love this about the room because it can be used for a parent or relative in the future if needed. It used to be painted neon orange from floor to ceiling including the trim. It also had that commercial grade carpeting. You know, the kind that looks matted to the floor. Can we say Gross!!

My wonderful Hubby tore out the carpet and replaced it with laminate wood floors and painted over the orange with a nice, neutral color. He built some shelves for all of our school books and put some above my desk for other supplies. I absolutely love this room in my house. It is actually one of my favorite rooms. I stay in it all the time. If the kids can't find me...they always look there first. On with the tour. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

Our easel with our school name.

Our book shelf with puzzles (and some of
mommy's cookbooks) and the bulletin board.
Yes, those large apples are covering up
my children's real names. Sorry!!

Our bulletin board up close. Yes, the apples...again. 

I just love this poster. This is in our reading corner.

Here are our workboxes and craft cabinet. The workboxes
right now have flashcards, coloring books, crayons, etc. in them.
The cabinet contains some of my craft supplies such as
sewing stuff, scrap booking, etc. and board games. Also,
there is our library book holder for the books we borrow from
the library.

A closer look at our library book holder. The 
box right next to it is the box we take with us 
to the library to keep them safe in. 

Here is my desk. It is all organized and ready 
for the first day!! There is a small children's desk
right next to it for one on one time with me. 

A close up of where the little desk is. The door behind it 
is the bathroom.

Here is another book shelf that has our CD player
on it as well as DVD's and other book collections.

Here is our "Masterpieces" wall where I will be hanging all of
the kids artwork. It is also where I have our "days of the week"
posters and our "weather" posters.

Here are their desks that they will be learning a lot of 
wonderful things in. 

My wonderful book shelves that are in the reading area. 
It may look like a mess but it really is organized and labeled.
There are little chairs underneath it for the big boys to sit
and read.

Here is a wider view from my desk. 

Here is the view from the bookshelves of my desk area. 

Shelves above my desk. So purty!!

Well, there you have it. My wonderful classroom that I am so very blessed to have. Jensen Family Academy will be in full swing on Tuesday. I can't wait. I am so excited!! I hope you will stop by again to see how we are doing throughout the school year. I will be doing a weekly (if not more) post about our work throughout the year. The first one will be in a couple of weeks because our first unit is on Creation and it lasts 2 weeks. I will do some progress reports along the way. By the way, we are using My Father's World curriculum and I absolutely love it so far (and I've read the Teacher's Manual like 100 times...LOL!). See you soon!!



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Heather said...

Your room is lovely. You did an awesome job (and your hubby did, too). I am sure you will have a fantastic year. You will be a great teacher and your kids will be blessed. Keep up the good work.