Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why I closed my Facebook account

"Wow, that 10 day vacation exhausted me. I need a vacation from my vacation."

"My husband is so stupid. He forgot my birthday and to top it off I told him not to get me anything and he DIDN'T!"

"Can you believe Obama? I mean, he really sucks..."

"If you vaccinate your child, you will kill them."

"If you don't vaccinate your child, you will kill them."

"Go team, go! That other team just stinks!"

These are all Facebook statuses I see daily. It's all chatter and nonsense. From politics, to sports, to complaining about your husband. It is exhausting. For a long while God has been pressing on my heart to deactivate my account and spend my time more wisely. I have 3 sweet little boys and a wonderful husband who need my time more than these "friends" in cyber space. Sure, I have some close friends and family that I keep in touch with through FB. But, no one I can't continue to talk to on the phone or through email.

"Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, where you go." -Ecclesiastes 9:10

I have seen it all on FB. Christians not "acting" like Christians. People drinking excessively and posting pictures. Curse words that I was too embarrassed to even think. I used to love FB and the fact that I could use it for my blog. I also used it to keep up with my favorite blogs and websites. There are also the daily, uplifting messages from Christian women that have helped me through some rough times.

But, is it all worth it? Is it worth it to put images, words, and disgusting behavior in my head just to get a little encouragement out of it? I say no. It's not worth it. I have other resources with which to get encouragement and daily devotions. I will choose to spend more time with the Lord and my family and less time in other people's worlds.

One big thing I have noticed about FB is that it has gotten ugly over the years. Everyone is so offended by the smallest things because you cannot look deeply into someone's eyes and see their true feelings through a computer screen filled with words. You cannot hear the desperation in a person's voice when they are crying out for help but simply can't find the right words. All you see are words. Words written in haste. Words written in anger. Words written in disgust. Words written in pain and loss. No matter what you may write, someone will find offense. Someone will think you meant those words just for them. Someone will think you mean them harm.

I know this because I have been that "someone". I have also written those words. I am tired of hurting others by something so innocent or being hurt by someone else's innocent words. I have seen so many arguments between Christians and non-Christians. I have seen fights between family members and friends. I am so over stressing out about others and their problems. I have enough of my own to worry about everything else.

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." -Proverbs 16:3

So, I prayed about it and decided to call it quits. I am going to spend time reading my Bible, teaching my children and enjoying them, and actually calling my loved ones on the phone for a real conversation. It's like my BFF said to me the other day "who are we to think that these people want to know everything about me?" LOL! I had to laugh because it's true. How many times have you turned on FB and read some of the statuses only to think "why would I care about that?" I know I am guilty.

Now, I am not telling you this because I think my opinion is better than yours. I also don't think that my decision is for you. It's not one that I took lightly. I may go back to FB one day. But for now I am called to do other things.

I will miss seeing the pictures of my friends and their children. I will miss getting updates on new babies, new homes, new jobs, new loves. I will miss being able to ask for prayer if I'm having a hard day and knowing that people will pray. I will miss my family and friends who I've come to love.

I won't miss the drunken pictures, the nasty language, the rude comments. I won't miss the narcissism that comes with have a FB page. I also won't miss feeling jealous and envious of others when they go on vacation (when I haven't had one in 10 years), have a rocking body (and I barely have time to think, much less exercise), and the list goes on. You get the point.

I have spoken with several other friends and family members and they have also left FB for a while. If something isn't good in your life or if it isn't uplifting why would you keep it around? If someone makes you feel stressed out, worried, offended, angry, etc., would you keep them as a friend? Just answer those questions for yourself.

I hope I keep in touch with everyone. I know there are season's for change in every person's life and this is one for me. In 2014, I have decided that if something isn't good for me (even after trying to make it good), I am getting rid of it. I don't mean that in a negative way. I just want to bring glory to God and joy to my family. I can't do that if I am always stressed out and on FB. I will, however, keep up my blog more. I love writing on my blog and I love all of my readers. Even if there are only a few ;-)



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