Saturday, November 1, 2014

Missing The Blessings

Life has many ups and downs. We go through trials and tribulations as well as triumphs and joyful times. When a baby is born and we add to our families it is such a wonderful time of happiness. When we get married and vow to love someone for the rest of our lives it is a joyful celebration. There are birthdays, anniversaries, parties, promotions, buying a new house, graduations, and the list goes on. On the other hand there are funerals, illness, family conflicts, marital problems, etc.

It's so easy to forget about the blessings when all we can see is the bad. I am guilty of doing this all the time. I get so caught up in what I don't have that I can't see all I already have. God has blessed me above and beyond anything I deserve.

When I lose focus and the things of this world come before God, I am missing the blessings around me. God belongs first in my life. When He reigns in my life all other things are put in to the right perspective. God wants to give us the desires of our heart. He wants to richly bless all of His children. 

If we refocus our hearts and turn to God, we will begin to see the beautiful blessings around us. The laundry piling up won't make you feel guilty anymore. It will make you feel grateful to have a family to do laundry for. The dishes in the sink won't be a reminder of all you failed to do today. It will be all blessing that your family's stomachs have been filled. 

Together, let us make God the first priority in our lives and see what He has in store for our hearts. 


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