Saturday, April 12, 2014

What We've Been Up To Lately {A Spring Round-Up}

This Spring has been so wonderful. It took so long to get here that we have been enjoying every single minute of it. Hubby took off for a week at the end of March. Unfortunately, it was still chilly that week but we made the most of it. We went on a trip to D.C. and Hubby's parents came along. We stayed in a hotel for a couple of days and the boys LOVED it. We went to the National Zoo, the Museum of Natural History, and the Air and Space Museum. We did A LOT of walking and rode the metro. Let me just say that I could not do that every day. It was so crowded and people do not get up for you to sit down...even when you have a baby in your arms. We had fun on our trip and the boys loved "the big city". I just wanted to share some pics with you of our Spring so far. I will caption each one so you know who is who and what is what. Hope you enjoy!

I got about 8 inches cut off of my hair. Feels great!

Me and my Bear. He loves to take selfies. 

The entryway to my house has baby pictures of each of my children.
I added a Bible verse about Love. Looks great I think. 

Flying a kite with daddy on a windy day.

Daddy flying the kite.

Daddy teaching the big boys how it's done.

Monkey is watching (and eating by the looks of the food on his face).

Bear was very in to it and learned very quickly.

My goofy Ducky. 

He was concentrating hard. 

My neighbor had her baby a month ago. 
Meet sweet Baby G. She is so precious. I visit often :-)

Sitting outside in the sun with Monkey.

I found Monkey getting into the diaper cabinet. 
He is a little stinker.

Went to the park with the boys.
They didn't want to leave. 

Bear has learned to swing all by himself.
He is growing up so fast.

Monkey really loved the swing and almost fell asleep in it. 

Ducky just wanted to be pushed for hours. 

My bestie and I went to a concert recently.
Girls Night Out was awesome. 
Third Day, Mandisa, and Brandon Heath were great!

This is a before picture of the hutch that Hubby bought for me.
He got it for very cheap at a Re-Store.

Here is the after picture. He painted it for me. 
I LOVE it!

The sun rise in our hotel room in D.C.

The Hope Diamond. Had to take a pic of this!

What we are learning in school. 
All of the fruits of the Spirit.

While making dinner a couple weeks ago I thought
all of the children were playing together.
Come to find out Monkey got into the diaper cabinet again
and decided to smear vaseline all over himself.
He was happy with his work. LOL!

My tulip garden.

Baby Kendall's Cherry tree in bloom. 
So pretty.

The Star Magnolia tree in our front yard. 

Daffodils in bloom.

Hyacinth smell so good. I love them!

Sidewalk chalk. We all love to play with it. 

A wagon ride with all the boys. 

My silly boys!

My orange-headed, freckle faced boy. Love him to pieces. 

My silly, fun-loving boy. 

Bear made some crosses for Easter on our front 
porch with Daffodil grass. He was proud of them. 

The crosses.

Monkey is learning to get around by himself.
He loves to crawl around outside. I can barely keep up. 

Monkey's 1st birthday cake. He had a small party and it was so lovely.
He had a lot of fun and smeared cake from head to toe.
We had to give him a bath after he ate his cake. LOL! Fun times!

I hope you have a wonderful Spring filled with love and laughter and memories. We are having a ball and plan to go to the beach soon and our local theme park. We get passes every other year (and this is one of the year's we get passes!). We plan to have picnics and visit the local gardens and parks. We also love to cook out on the grill and have people over. It is a fun time of family, friends, and fellowship. Have a great Spring!



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