Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday- 5/19/14

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Happy Monday! We had another great weekend around here. We took the boys strawberry picking on Saturday morning. The farm also makes their own homemade strawberry and vanilla ice cream in which we thoroughly enjoyed. We went to a cookout at my mom's house on Saturday night. LOTS of family! It was a very good time of visiting and eating tons of food. Sunday I woke with a migraine so we did not go to church. After much medication and a nap I woke up feeling better. We went for a walk in the historical part of town with a friend and her daughter (the boys love her daughter!). It was really nice and we got some cookies that they only make there. Yum! I hope you had a great weekend as well. Here's to another wonderful week!

As I Look Out My Window:::
The sun is shining and the big boys are outside playing. The baby is napping so they are having fun playing with the neighbor girls. 

Right Now I Am:::
Writing this blog post and thinking about different things going on this week. 

Thinking And Pondering:::
About how hard it is to get a dr appt in this town. It took me 30 min to get an appt for June this morning for my shoulder. Ridiculous! Also, thinking about why some people just can't forgive and move on from things in life. Life is so short and Jesus died on the cross and forgave us of our sins. Why do we hold grudges and keep score? I believe letting go of past hurts and forgiving is the best way to free ourselves from the bondage of bitterness and unforgiveness. We don't do that because of pride. I have been there and it is more damaging to yourself to not forgive than it is for the other person. Lay down your cares at the foot of the cross and God will take care of you. 

On My Bedside Table:::
The Power of a Praying Wife
A Mom After God's Own Heart

On My TV This Week:::
Movie night on Friday

Listening To:::
The quiet of the house while the baby is napping. 

On The Menu For This Week:::
Monday- Mother/Son date Knight at Chick fil a with the big boys
Tuesday- Spaghetti and salad
Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday- BBQ chicken, bacon and cheddar scalloped potatoes, corn, cornbread
Friday- pizza night (Mexican style)
Saturday- hamburgers on the grill with french fries and baked beans

On My To Do List:::
House keeping
Clean master bedroom thoroughly

Happening This Week:::
Monday- Mother/Son date knight with the big boys.
Maybe visiting some family in between. We will see what the week brings. 
Saturday- breakfast with my bestie.
Other than that we have nothing planned...I like it that way!

What I Am Creating:::
Not too much lately. I have lots of projects waiting though ;-)

My Simple Pleasure:::
Painting my fingernails. I know it sounds silly but I love to have painted nails. I used to be a nail technician for natural nails and I try to keep them looking good. 

Homemaking Tips:::
Make as many things as you can from scratch. Not only is it healthier but it will save you tons of money. I like to make my own bread (though I have been slacking on this), coffee creamer (thanks to pinterest), and snacks for the kids. 

Looking Around The House:::
Strawberries are in the kitchen ready to be cut up and put in the freezer.
There are a few dishes in the sink from lunch and shoes are on the floor from the boys playing outside. 
The dog is sitting on the sofa taking a's what she does best!

From The Camera:::

Prayer List:::
My MIL who hurt her knee last week.
My Grandpa who is in the hospital with lots of health problems.
My sisters kids who have strep throat, bronchitis, and ear infections.
My other niece who has strep throat.
My children to stay well with all of these health issues going around the family.
My own health issues with my shoulder (finally made an appt for June).

Bible Verse/Devotional:::
"Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation." -Psalm 68:5

This verse is such a great verse. It speaks to my heart about how God takes care of orphans and widows. We should all be this kind of example. 



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Felicias Red Door Life said...

Mmm strawberries. We still have one more week before the local ones are ready.

Your menu sounds so good.

I love to keep my nails done too, it just helps to brighten the week.