Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Three Amigos Go Strawberry Picking And On A Date

Here in Virginia it is strawberry season. Every year we take the kids to the local farm and pick strawberries. They also make their own homemade vanilla and strawberry ice cream in which we thoroughly enjoy. We love to make strawberry shortcake, smoothies, ice cream toppings, and so much more with our stash. We had a blast last Saturday as a family. Even the baby loved sitting in the wagon and watching us pick the beautiful, red berries. 

One of the best things about going to the strawberry farm is the ferry boat ride over there. The boys love it. I didn't get any pictures of us on the boat...silly me. But, we got plenty of pics while picking strawberries. There is nothing better than a fresh strawberry. Yum!

Monday night Bear, Ducky, and I went on a date at our local Chick-fil-a. They actually set up the restaurant so you can be served at your table. I made the reservations weeks ago. Baby Monkey was going to go but he was kinda grumpy that day so we left him with daddy. We got all dressed up and it was so much fun. There were white table cloths on the tables, candles, flowers, a girl was playing the cello, a clown, a guy on stilts making balloon animals, and the Chick-fil-a cow dressed as a king. The event was called "Mommy Son Date Knight". 

As you can see we had a blast and my "knights" were such good gentlemen. We do a date night about once a month. Normally, I only take one boy at a time but sometimes they both like to go. Baby Monkey will get to go once he is a bit older. 

I hope you had a great weekend. I know it's Wednesday and another weekend is coming up. Hubby has a 3 day weekend and we are so looking forward to it. I am having breakfast with my bestie on Saturday morning. I haven't seen her in so long so it will be nice to catch up. Not sure what we will do other than that but I am sure we will get into something. I do know there will be some grilling going on. I love grilled food!



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