Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday- 6/9/14

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It's Monday again. We had a great weekend. Friday I went to the HEAV conference. It was so much fun. I am so refreshed and I got lots of great resources. If you ever have the chance to go to a homeschool convention you should. Saturday I woke up with the worst migraine of my life. I took LOTS of meds and even took a nap in the afternoon to help alleviate the pain. It went away around 7pm. Only, I woke up Sunday morning and it was back with a vengeance. I took more meds and it went away around noon. We ended up taking the boys to the pool for a couple of hours. The baby loves the water. He was a little water bug. LOL! Then we went to Hubby's parents house. The big boys went fishing at their pond with their daddy and Poppy. I stayed behind while the baby slept. It was a very nice weekend. I hope yours was also. 

As I Look Outside My Window:::
It is cloudy part of the time. The sun peeks through the clouds once in a while. It has been drizzling on and off but the big boys are playing outside anyway. 

Right Now I Am:::
Watching TV and checking emails. I bought some downloads of a few of the speakers from the HEAV and I have been downloading them this morning. I have already started laundry and cleaned up my bedroom. 

Thinking And Pondering:::
I have been thinking about Father's Day this weekend. I really want to spoil my husband so much. We don't buy gifts but we make things. I am going to do crafts this week with the boys for school and they will be for Father's Day. We will make some things for Daddy and their grandpa's. I am also going to make him breakfast in bed and a wonderful dinner. I love doing things for my hard-working man. 

On My Bedside Table:::
The second book in the Mitford Series by Jan Karon.
Lip balm and my wrist brace. 

On My TV This Week:::
24 tonight and not really much more this week. 
I don't have much time to watch tv. LOL!

Listening To:::
The tv and my dog napping next to me. 

On The Menu For This Week:::
Honestly, I haven't menu planned this week. 
I do know this much:
Monday- chili mac with cornbread
Tuesday-Saturday- not sure but I have lots of options in the freezer and pantry. LOL!

On My To Do List:::
Reorganize the baby's room
Get rid of old clothes of the kids
Clean bathrooms

Happening This Week:::
Monday- house work and cleaning
Tuesday- Monkey has a dr appt in the morning and I have a (long awaited) dr appt in the afteroon
Wednesday- probably stay home and clean, Hubby has a ball game
Thursday- home and clean
Friday- do something with the kids. Not sure what yet. 
Saturday- have our Father's Day celebrations early
Sunday- church (trying a new one) and a family picnic at my dad's house for my step-mom's mother. It is her b-day and we never get to see her because she lives so far away. 

What I Am Creating:::
I had a few hiccups with the baby quilt so I have to tie it instead of sewing it together. I am pretty excited about it because I love to tie blankets. My goal is to finish next week. 

My Simple Pleasure:::
Baking. I love to bake and make things from scratch. Not only is it yummy, it makes your house smell so good and you can lick the bowl :-)

Homemaking Tips:::
Make a to-do list each day with your top 5 things that need to be done that day. Make sure that you list them in order of importance. If you don't get to everything on your list make a new to-do list for the next day and put the items that didn't get done on the top of the new list. This way there is no pressure to get things done but you keep a list of things and feel accomplishment as you mark things off. 

Looking Around The House:::
It's pretty tidy except the occasional toy here and there. The boys are outside so it is quiet and peaceful. 

From The Camera:::

Prayer List:::
Family and friends who are sick or in need of any prayers.
My SIL celebrates her birthday tomorrow and I pray that she gets spoiled to pieces. 
Monkey's dr appt to go well.
My dr appt to go well and I get the help and answers to my concerns. 

Bible Verse/Devotional:::
"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him." -Psalm 28:7

Have a wonderful week!



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Sandra said...

I share in your love for baking, it is definitely a simple pleasure :)

I'm sorry I'm late coming by, this move is really messing me up, can't wait until it's done lol

Have a wonderful week!