Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday- 7/21/14

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Good Afternoon everyone! I am getting this up late but better late than never. I didn't get to HHM last week because Hubby was on staycation. We had a lot of fun doing stuff around here. Hubby got a lot done on our bathroom remodel. His dad came over and helped a couple of days. I didn't realize what went into a remodel. This has been a year in the making. We get things done when we have the money and the time. 

We also did fun stuff. We went to the pool one day, to a theme park another day, we had family date night, and just hung out together. We went on walks and stayed up late. Great memories were made. 

Breakfast Time:::
Pancakes with maple syrup from Trader Joe's (I went for the first time over the weekend with a gift card I received and LOVED it!). 

On Today's To Do List:::
Dentist appt for Bear. He has an infected tooth...needs to come out. 
Dr appt for myself. I had to get my migraine meds refilled. 
My sister and mom came over to watch the kiddos while I went to the dr. 
Dishes and laundry are done. 
Write an article for another website. 

Currently Reading:::
Women Living Well
The Mitford Series
Trim Healthy Mama

On The TV Today:::
Right now I am listening to Reba in the background. 
Not too much else. Haven't had time. 

The Weather Outside:::
Cloudy with a chance of rain. It did sprinkle earlier. About 80 degrees. 

On The Menu This Week:::
Monday- Italian style chicken with homemade scalloped potatoes
Tuesday- Tacos
Wednesday- Spaghetti with salad
Thursday- leftovers
Friday- Pizza night
Saturday- Burgers/hot dogs on the grill

If I Have A Few Minutes To Myself I Will:::
Sew some projects I have lying around here. 

New Recipe I Have Tried/Want To Try:::
My Hubby made homemade chicken fried rice last night and it was FANTASTIC! It is his specialty now. 

In The Garden:::
The local garden center was having a HUGE sale over the weekend. We went and got a lot of herbs for 25 cents each. We also got some lemongrass and 2 crepe myrtles. Can't wait to get my herb garden planted!

Favorite Photo From The Camera:::

Hubby and I on a date while he was on staycation. 
Mini golf!

Homemaking Tip:::
Light candles (or warmers) after you clean. It helps me to feel at peace and it also makes me feel like I did a lot more cleaning than I actually did. I love scented candles. My favorite scent is cinnamon. Smells like home to me.

Visiting With Blog Friends:::
One of my favorite blogs is Time-Warp Wife. Darlene Schacht is the author and she is such an inspiration. There are homemaking sections, marriage and parenting sections, and everything in between. Please check it out. She also has a Facebook page.

Praying For:::
So many people. Family/friends who are sick. 
Our country and world. 
The salvation of my children.
My marriage and protection from any evil that may come between us. 

Bible Verse/Devotional:::

I made these graphics with the words to the song We Believe by the Newsboys. It is my favorite song right now and it says everything I need to know about what I should believe. 




Sandra said...

What a cute photo, you do make such a great couple :)

Looks like most of us got rain today. I love it.

Hope you have a great week.

The Smelly Lady said...

I like to light some incense after I clean. Of course that's what we sell in our shop. LOL! Have a great week. I'm visiting from HHM.