Thursday, July 31, 2014

How He Loves Us (Letting Go Of Regret)

Regret is one of those things that we have all experienced. We have all done or said something that we wish we could take back. At the end of a person's life people usually say they regret not spending more time with family. I have heard it said by doctors and nurses that no one has ever said they regretted not working more. 

The song "Hello, My Name Is" by Matthew West talks about this. The songs first line is "Hello, my name is regret. I'm pretty sure we have met. Every single day of your life I'm the whisper inside that won't let you forget." That about sums it up. Regret is something that weighs heavily on people. When you think about regret you think about bad things. 

The picture above with the lyrics to "How He Loves" is one of my favorites. When I think about how much God loves me it is unfathomable. If I live with regrets weighing heavily on my heart how can I realize the depth of God's love for me? I have lots of things I could regret. I am trying to live for His glory. With all of the things in this world trying to distract me from God, I don't need to hinder my walk with God by having regrets. 

I suppose I should say, I mess up. I mess up big time. I feel guilty for things that I have done or should have done and didn't. Guilt and regret kind of go hand in hand. For example, I lose it with my kids. I yell and lose my temper. I know I shouldn't but at the moment I want them to obey and when they don't...well, you know the rest. I regret my actions. I feel guilty because I don't want them to feel bad. I don't want to see my children hurt, especially by my own doing. So, I go to them and ask for forgiveness. Thankfully, they are very willing to forgive me. 

It is the same way with God. If we mess up, we should go to Him and ask for forgiveness. It can be hard to humble yourself when you have done something wrong. If we don't that is where regret can seep into our thoughts and wind its way around our hearts. I have lived a lot of my life with many regrets. I have wallowed in them and blamed myself or others. I have been hurt and saddened. But, I have decided to take stand and! I love to sing the Frozen song "Let It Go" when I say that. LOL!

So, what I have concluded is that God loves us so much. He loves us despite our past, our problems, and our circumstances. If there is something you have said or done and you regret it, give to God. He will freely forgive and give you a clean slate. He doesn't even remember your sins once they are confessed. That is great news! Live for Him and be free. 



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