Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Good News About Marriage

Are you ready for some great news about marriage? Shaunti Feldhahn (along with her researcher Tally Whitehead) has written a new book. It's called "The Good News About Marriage -Debunking Discouraging Myths About Marriage And Divorce". I have the privilege of reviewing it. I love books about marriage and how to improve. This book is more of a statistical book. She compares statistics that are quoted often such as "50% of marriage end in divorce". Shaunti Feldhahn and her team did a ton of research to come up with new statistics. What we have been hearing on the news and in churches is false. I do not like to reveal information in a book I am reviewing but I will say that the "real" number of divorces isn't even close to 50%.

Here is a little info about Shaunti Feldhahn:

"Shaunti Feldhahn is the best-selling author of For Women Only and other books with sales of more than two million copies in 22 languages. With a master’s degree from Harvard, Shaunti uses her analytical skills to uncover life-changing surprises about our most important relationships. Her research has been featured on The Today Show, Focus on the Family radio, in Cosmopolitan magazine, and in the New York Times. She and her husband, Jeff, have two children and live in Atlanta." 

For more about the author please visit http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/author-spotlight.php?authorid=74984

To read a chapter from "The Good News About Marriage" please go HERE.

"Divorce is not the biggest threat to marriage. Discouragement is." -Shaunti Feldhahn

Please check out this great book because it will change how you think about marriage. I was blown away by some of the findings. I found the fact that most marriages are still happy ones very enlightening. It is a wonderful, optimistic book and will encourage you greatly in your own marriage. I highly recommend that you add this to your book collection.



I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review. All opinions stated here are solely my own.

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