Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Homeschool Family

Well, the newness has worn off from the first day of school. The books are worn a bit and the school room is a little scattered. Yes, we are in the grind of the daily homeschool. My boys, the ones who are doing school this year, are 4 and 6. One is pre-k and one is in between K and 1st. We are having a blast.

Ducky is 4 and he is learning to spell and write his name. It is so funny to watch him form the letters. I usually have him color a few pictures and put the first letter of his name at the top. Hey, it's a start.

Bear is learning to read. Wow! It is so amazing to watch him grasp a letter concept and the sound. It is truly one of the most awesome things I have ever done.

This is what our homeschool day looks like:

8am- everyone is usually up and fed by this time.
8:30am- Mommy does the dishes and puts a load of laundry in the washer.
9:15am- Monkey (my 19 month old) goes down for a morning nap.
9:30am- school is in session and we start by saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and we listen to classical music..
9:35am- Bible time (this involves a weekly memory verse and bible reading with a discussion afterward).
9:45am- Leading Little Ones To God (the boys LOVE this book).
9:55am- Ducky begins his assigned work (usually a picture and handwriting book) and Bear starts his phonics lessons.
10:15am- Ducky is done with his small lesson and watches an educational video or does puzzles while I help Bear with his work.
10:15am-11ish- Bear and I work on his Math, Science, language arts, and phonics.
11am- Monkey is awake by now so we put away our work for the morning (he can get into everything!).
12pm- lunch time
12:30pm- outside free play time (if it's rainy they play legos inside).
1pm- Monkey takes another nap and I read aloud to the big boys.
At this point, the big boys have what I call "quiet time". They can choose a movie to watch or read a book. They can also choose to take a nap. Whatever they choose has to be "quiet". Mommy does blogging, reading, laundry, chores, etc.
5:15pm- dinnertime
After dinner, we may have some school work to catch up on or just free time.
6pm- baths and winding down time.
7:15pm- read aloud time and bed time.

This is what our day looks like. Yes, there are days that some of this stuff does not get done. There are also days that we do a lot more than what is listed. One Friday a month we go to the library and then have lunch at Nanny and Poppy's house. They love this special treat. We also do one or two field trips a month. This month we will go to the pumpkin patch and we already went to our local historic district over the weekend. We love having picnics there. Also, just wanted to mention that we use Queen Homeschool for our books (math, science, language arts). We are using 100 Easy Lessons for our phonics. I have random workbooks that Ducky uses from time to time. I get those from the Dollar Tree.

What do you use for your curriculum or what do you highly recommend?



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Stephanie Anne said...

We are using God's Creation From A to Z for our Kindergartener this year. We love it so far! I always get excited when I hear others using Leading Little One to God. We read it frequently with our children and they too love it!

Thanks for sharing your homeschool day with us, Kristy!