Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday- 11/24/14

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Happy Monday Everyone! I am so excited about Thanksgiving this week. So many yummy foods to eat and wonderful people to visit. We are heading to my mom's house for an early dinner and then to my in-laws house for a late dinner. I am looking forward to seeing siblings, nieces, and nephews. It is going to be a wonderful time. 

The best thing of all is I only have to bring a few side dishes. I am going to try to get some leftovers for sandwiches over the weekend. I hope you all have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

The Weather Outside Is:::
It is gorgeous here in Va. It's about 70 outside and yes, my children are loving it. Yesterday it was 34 and today is 70. LOL! Enjoying this little bit of warmth before the real cold starts.

On The Breakfast Plate This Morning:::
I had a mini powdered doughnut and a bowl of coffee. Can't forget that!

As I Look Outside My Window:::
The windows are open and there is a steady breeze blowing. The sound of the rustling leaves is so soothing. My big boys are playing on the trampoline in between raking leaves. 

Right Now I Am:::
Besides typing this blog post I am doing laundry. I am also browsing the internet for Christmas ideas for my children. 

As I Look Around The House:::
My Christmas tree is up and partially decorated (I have all littles so only the middle is done and I am keeping it that way). There are two bags of laundry waiting to be folded. Some of the ornaments from the tree found themselves on the floor (a little Monkey must have put them there). 

On Today's To Do List:::
Tidy Up
Yard Work (when Hubby gets home early from work)
Call around to get a price on dry cleaning my wedding dress (it's been 10 years and I am ready to let it go).

Currently Reading:::
Still reading the Mitford series plus a few review books in between. 

On The TV Today:::
Actually not too much. Monday nights are kinda boring for TV. LOL!

On The Menu This Week:::
Monday- leftover Chicken, potatoes, and carrots seasoned with Italian dressing
Tuesday- Spaghetti, salad, French bread
Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday- The normal Thanksgiving menu (Turkey, ham, potatoes, gravy, candied yams, green bean casserole, stuffing, yeast rolls, pumpkin pie.......whew! That's not even all of it. Ridiculous...but good!
Friday-Saturday- leftovers we will be taking home with us from the two houses

What I Am Creating::: time for that. Haha! One of my goals after the first of the year is to start a new quilt. I can't wait!

New Recipe I Tried This Week:::
On Sunday, I made chicken, potatoes, and carrots seasoned with butter and a packet of dry Italian seasoning. It was so delicious. Just 3-4 bone-in chicken breasts, 3 lbs. baby red potatoes, and 1 small bag of baby carrots (or chopped up regular carrots). Put the chicken, carrots, and potatoes in a large casserole dish that is sprayed with cooking spray. Pour 1 stick of melted butter all over the top and sprinkle everything with the dressing. Bake for 1-1/2 to 2 hours on 350 degrees until the chicken is done. Yum!!

Favorite Photo From The Camera:::

Throwing it back with this one...a few years ago at Christmas!

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes, Devotionals:::

Please have a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving!! 


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Jen said...

I am looking forward to getting our tree up on Friday. We usually do it the day after Thanksgiving.

We are headed to my sister's house this year. Have a great Thanksgiving.