Friday, December 19, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Books {For the Young and More Mature}

We are a homeschooling family so one of the best resources we have is books. We all have library cards. I also have a home library. It isn't very big but it suits our family. My boys love going into the classroom and grabbing a basket of books to read. Bear likes to read to the other two boys. He is just learning to read so this is such a huge step for him. It builds his confidence as his little brothers wait for him to tell them a story. 

Here is a list of some favorite Christmas/Winter themed books in our home:

We love Ann Voskamp's Unwrapping The Greatest Gift. We have been using it for our Advent book this year. The boys love it. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something to do as a family to celebrate the Christmas season and keep the focus on Christ. 

What is your favorite Christmas book??

Merry Christmas!

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