Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Unwrapping The Greatest Gift {Christmas Post}

Ann Voskamp is a Christian author that I have loved for years. This year she wrote a new book for the Advent season. It's called Unwrapping The Greatest Gift. It's a family devotion-style book that also goes along with the Jesse Tree concept. I was looking for something new and different to do with the boys this year to incorporate more of Jesus into Christmas. I wanted more of His presence and less focus on actual presents. 

Unwrapping The Greatest Gift has been such a blessing and we are only on day 9. The pictures are so beautiful. The writing is so poetic and comes from the heart. I can actually feel what Ann Voskamp was feeling as she wrote it. There is an adult version of this book called The Greatest Gift. I also have this book and have really enjoyed following along with my children's book. The Greatest Gift is a much more in-depth study of the Advent. 

The two books go hand in hand and compliment one another very well. Ann Voscamp has a website called A Holy Experience. You can go there are download and print all of the Jesse Tree ornaments as well as read about her other books. She is an incredible woman that I would LOVE to meet one day. Her family looks so sweet. 

She also has a facebook page located HERE. Each day she writes a little about the Advent from her book and it is so encouraging to my soul. 

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. 

We have also used Truth In The Tinsel in the past. We liked it a lot but I needed something different this year. TITT is a wonderful program. It is downloadable and printable. It's also very affordable. 

You can purchase Truth In The Tinsel HERE for only $7.99. 

You can purchase Unwrapping The Greatest Gift HERE for $14.99.

You can purchase The Greatest Gift HERE for $12.64.

Another thing my family does is the "Advent Angel". She is named Mary (by Bear) and is the angel from the top of our Christmas tree. She brings us a new bible verse each day of the Advent. You can get printable bible verses for Advent on pinterest or simply by googling. She is so cute and has a quilted gown and her arms are made from small tree branches. 

We don't do "Santa and Elves". My kids are not being left out by not believing in Santa. We just believe in not lying to our children. Plus, the "Elf On The Shelf" is just creepy and annoying. Frankly, I don't have time to move him around every night and clean up his "messes". No thanks. My kids would be totally freaked out at the notion that an elf was wondering around the house at night while they slept. Yeah...that wouldn't go over very well. 

One more thing about the "Elf On The Shelf". I have no problem (because it's none of my business) with people who do this. My husband and I have made the decision not to bribe our kids into good behavior. That is basically what that Elf does. "Be good or you won't get any presents". That is not what I want to teach my children. I want them to know about Jesus. They know who Santa is and think of him as any Disney character...fake. 

May you have a blessed Christmas this year. Focus more on Jesus and lavishing in His wonderful love for you and your family. 

Merry Christmas!

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