Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday- First One Of The New Year!

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Hi! Welcome back to Happy Homemaker Monday. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Honestly, I am so glad to be back to the normal grind. I miss routine. Being such a huge planner, the holidays always give me a little anxiety. We had lots of fun visiting with family and friends though. I pray you all are well and staying clear of this terrible flu going around. I know so many people who have had it. We have been staying close to home so we can, hopefully, avoid getting sick. God willing we will stay well. 

The Weather Outside Is:::
Well, today is cold but not too cold. Yesterday we were outside all day long. It was 70 degrees and so beautiful. In a few days it is supposed to be 17 degrees. This crazy Virginia weather. 

On The Breakfast Plate This Morning:::
I started the paleo/primal diet on New Year's Day. So far I have lost 4 lbs. My breakfasts have been either egg whites with bacon or a smoothie. This morning was a "Frosty" smoothie. It is paleo and so delicious. There were bananas, unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, ice, almond butter, and a tiny bit of honey. It was sooo good. 

 As I Look Outside My Window:::
The wind is blowing and the sun is shining. It is a little chilly though. The leaves are everywhere. Haha. 

Right Now I Am:::
Eating a Kind bar for my afternoon snack and working on some writing material. 

As I Look Around My House:::
I see a pile of socks that need to be matched and put away. There are also a few toys here and there. Very few dishes in the sink. Other than that, it's pretty clean. 

On Today's To Do List:::
Fold and put away laundry- check (except for those socks)
Homeschooling- check, just have to finish a phonics lesson with Bear
Dishes- will do this after dinner
Tidy up bedrooms- check
Look up paleo recipes for dinner

Currently Reading:::
I got a Kindle Paperwhite before Christmas (I won it on a blog giveaway) so I have been devouring books. Right now I am reading The Preacher's Daughter. I love Amish fiction. 

On The TV Today:::
I have no idea. We got Netflix as a family Christmas present so we have been watching different shows on it. Each night brings something new. 

On The Menu This Week:::
Monday- Eggroll in a bowl (a favorite of my Hubby's)
Tuesday-Saturday- honestly I have no idea. I am still researching recipes

What I Am Creating At The Moment:::

New Recipe I Tried Or Want To Try This Week:::
I am super excited to try new recipes. The smoothie recipe I shared above was amazing. Just blend everything up. Yum!

Favorite Photo From The Camera:::

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes, Devotionals:::
"He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." -Proverbs 13:20

God bless you all!


Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

I read The Preacher's Daughter and loved it. Happy New Year!

Bethany said...

Love the picture. We have teens today with4 inches of snow