Friday, January 16, 2015

My New Baby!!

I am so excited! My husband surprised me with a new computer. We have two older ones that both decided they didn't want to work anymore all in the same week. One of them won't turn on at all and the other one has a zillion viruses. It causes so many pop-ups and crazy stuff. So, since I blog regularly, do reviews for TOS Review Crew, and write for IMC, he got a new (to us) computer. Hooray! I can get back to blogging now.

I am going to take care of this computer like it is a baby. I am buying a new case for it that is very girlie and cute. Anywho, just thought I would introduce you to my new baby that will be bringing you all things blogging.

I pray you all have a blessed weekend!


Wendy @ Ladybug Daydreams said...

Congrats on the new computer! I just got a new one too :). We'd been sharing one, and it was a bit of a chore. A case is a good idea. I made my own :).

Kristy Jensen said...

That is awesome Wendy! How did you make it? I have some sewing skills :-)

Angela Camp said...

Congrats on your new computer! :)