Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Three Amigos Go To The Airport

My husband is so awesome. He surprised the boys (and me) by planning a field trip to the airport next to his work. It is not a huge airport but it isn't small either. I am not sure how he did it or who he contacted but the boys were so excited.

The airport wasn't too busy because it happened to be the day before a HUGE snow storm in our area so most of the flights had been cancelled. Here are the pictures from the field trip:

 There was only one commercial airplane at the airport because all of the flights had been cancelled. There were a few personal and corporate planes as well as a few helicopters. We also saw some fighter jets.

 Here are my husband, middle son (Ducky), and one of the tour guides showing us exactly where the planes take off and land.

More pics of one of our tour guides telling us about the history of the airport and how it played a big roll in World War 2. It was extremely interesting.

 This is the loading area and baggage collection area. There weren't many people down here and behind us (which I failed to get a pic of because of the excitement) is where they load the baggage from the airplane to put on the luggage claims corral. 

Nanny and Poppy joined us on the field trip and it was so much fun. We are so thankful for them and the wonderful tour guides. They were so sweet and patient with our little guys and really explained things on their level. It was wonderful.

This is a picture of the "snow broom". It was preparing for all of the snow we got last night (almost a foot!).

The head of the airport had an awesome display of model airplanes. My big boys were fascinated with the Lego airplane and all of the different kinds and colors.

This is the office of one of our tour guides who is also an intern. He and the head of the airport have a fun competition of who has the most model airplanes. They are all so cool and the boys could have played in their for hours.

If you have the chance to set up a field trip at your local airport I highly recommend it. They did say that when they are older we could get a tour of the tower where the airplanes communicate their positions and when they can take off and land. They will also be able to tour the airport fire station when they are a little older.

I will say that we stopped by the airport police station and they were so awesome. They talked to the boys about being a police officer (which Bear has expressed as his job when he gets older). They gave the boys a police badge (a sticker) and were so kind to us.

At the end of our tour, we got to go to the main offices and the two tour guides gave each of the boys a goody bag filled with jelly beans, coloring books, crayons, and lots of other treats. I absolutely loved this field trip and highly recommend for folks to set up a trip for themselves. You will love it!

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Leah said...

What a perfect field trip for boys! I bet they'll remember that field trip for many years to come. Great photos! We haven't been to see an airport before. We are definitely going to have to do that sometime!