Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Three Amigos Visit The Zoo

The Three Amigos went to the zoo last weekend. It was a fun field trip and mama bear got a discount with her Groupon. Woot Woot! I wanted to share with my readers the wonderful adventure that Bear, Ducky, and Monkey had at the zoo.

The first thing the Amigos wanted to do was visit the reptile exhibit...of course.

 Okay, the snake below was HUGE! He was about 15-20 feet long. When we were looking at him he was sleeping at first. Then, his head turned right toward us and it was almost out of a Harry Potter movie. Creeped me out badly! I thought he was going to strike the glass. LOL!

Next, we moved on to some smaller animals that were right outside of the reptile exhibit. 

This little fella was so adorable! He was like a mini deer. Haha!

We were outside for the rest of our trip. The next photos are random animals along the way to see the Lions.

The Eagle is our favorite bird (my boys LOVE them!)

Then came the Lions. We were literally 5 feet from the male Lion and the boys were so excited!

We then moved on to the elephants, giraffes, and zebras. 

 My little Otters!

Lions and Tigers and Monkeys...oh MY! We had a blast and we are so grateful that we are able to do fun stuff like go to the zoo. Homeschooling is so much fun! The next two pics are the aftermath of a day at the zoo. I hope you get to visit your state or local zoo soon!

Yup...they were out like a light!
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