Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dear Rest Of The World {A Letter From A Lonely SAHM}

Dear Rest Of The World,

I know I chose this life of raising babies, doing loads of laundry, and rarely leaving my home. It comes with so much joy and laughter and hugs and kisses. But, it also comes with isolation, loneliness, and exhaustion. Sometimes, it is just plain hard. 

This raising babies thing gets kinda hard sometimes. They need this, they want that, someone pooped on the floor. Yeah, it gets hard. But, what is even harder is the loneliness.

I have friends I haven't heard from in months....years even. I call and text and get no answer. I wait. I long for companionship from another person. I have my husband. I have my children. But, I need female companionship. 

A friend. A friend who understands those hard moments. Those lonely moments. Those moments you just want to cry because you feel like giving up. No matter what you think of stay-at-home-mom's, they work hard. 

Keeping the home is a 24/7 job. I don't get "off" of work. I am always doing, washing, folding, cleaning, cooking, teaching. I homeschool my children on top of being a SAHM. 

God has called me to this place. Sometimes He is the only One with me. Sometimes He is the only One who hears me. My whispers of hope, help, and love. Jesus is my Refuge, Strength, My Sole Purpose For Waking Up Each Morning. He fills in the empty spaces of my heart. He gives me Peace, Protection, Joy.

So, dear fellow earthlings, please keep up SAHM's in your prayers. We have the loneliest jobs on the planet. We only have tiny people to talk to all day. We don't do lunch and shopping. We do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and spilled milk. We do dinner in the crockpot and breakfast out of a box. 

I only ask that you smile at us when we are at the store with our little ones hanging from the cart and asking for every little thing. Give a smile. Give a compliment. Even just to say how blessed we are with all those little ones. We chose this life. We know we chose it. 

Please, whatever you do, don't look down on us. Don't judge us based on what society says we must do as women. Walk a mile in our shoes. Walk a mile with us. Invite us on a walk with you. Our children can play together and we can laugh together. 

Give us grace. Please give us grace. It is hard and lonely. For those of you who are friends with a SAHM, call them! Call them or text them or email them or send them a letter in the mail. We only want to know that someone else is thinking about us. We think about our friends. We long for them to call. We don't call because the second we sit down to make a phone call someone screams for help or gets stuck in the fridge. 

Ask us to have coffee with you. We WILL go. I love to go for coffee but most of the time I have little ones so I go through the drive-thru. The drive-thru is not as much fun. 

As for my little ones all running around and being busy little people. I love them dearly. That's why I chose this life. That's why I chose to keep them close to me and be with me. They are my best friends at this stage of life. My husband is a great daddy. He is a great provider, confidant, and my very best friend. I am blessed to have him in my life. 

If you want to bless someone, help a SAHM. Smile at her in the store, help her with her bags, tell her that her children are a blessing. Pray for her. Pray for her children to know the Lord. Above all else, give her Grace. 


A tired, lonely, SAHM who loves her children and just needs a friend

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