Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter With The Three Amigos

Easter 2015 008
This year Easter was so much fun. We did our Resurrection Eggs every day leading up to Easter Day. The Amigos loved opening the eggs each day and discovering what was inside. I was pleasantly surprised that their Sunday School teacher did them on Easter morning with the big boys and she said they knew what was in every single egg already. I am so glad that the things I teach them are sticking.

We don’t do bunnies on Easter because that day is all about The Lamb. Bear, my oldest Amigo (who is 6), has been asking some very interesting questions and really has a heart for knowing the Lord. His desire to follow Jesus is very strong. My husband and I are so thrilled. We have come a long way with this one!

On Saturday, our church had an Easter Eggstravaganza. The Amigos played games, jumped on inflatables, and did an Easter Egg Hunt. They didn’t find too many eggs because there were a lot of children there but they were okay with it.

On Sunday, we went to church to celebrate the Resurrection. It was a wonderful service and all of the Amigos told us about what they had learned. When we came home, hubby cooked on the grill and then we had our own Easter egg hunt. They had fun hunting for the golden egg which held a special prize (that had to be shared, of course).

Later, we went to my in-laws house and had dinner. We shared Easter stories, ate great food, and played cards. It was a wonderful time of family and fellowship. We did miss my SIL and her family as they have been down with the flu, strep throat, etc. Please keep them in your prayers as they battle these illnesses.

Here are a few pictures we took from our Easter Day:

Easter 2015 011
Easter 2015 017Easter 2015 005

Easter 2015 016Easter 2015 031

Easter 2015 038Easter 2015 048

Easter 2015 055Easter 2015 056

Easter 2015 057Easter 2015 066

I pray that your Easter was blessed and that Spring is in the air where you live!

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