Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happily Homemaking With A Few Genius Steps

In this blog post I will be sharing a few tips and tricks that have helped me on my homemaking journey. I say "journey" because that is what it is. I started off with just my husband and I. We didn't make too many messes and house work was easier and minimal. After having my first son it became a battle for the laundry. After having two more sons, well, the battle is with the whole house. But, homemaking is not just "house work". It is making a home a home. It is decorating with welcoming beauty, it is tending to your little ones needs, it is giving love to your loved ones.

I recently took an e-course on homemaking. It was free and can be found at The Humbled Homemaker's website HERE. It has changed my life! These are such easy things that can be done and I am just sorry I didn't think of them before. I will share with you today what genius steps I took to get a hold on my homemaking and house work. I hope you go to The Humbled Homemaker's website and take a look at these videos. They are wonderful and absolutely worth the few minutes it take to watch them.

Genius Steps To Make Homemaking Easier And More Efficient:

  1. Unload the dishwasher first thing in the morning- how did I not think of this before? I have started doing this recently and it has made ALL the difference. It take 5 minutes to unload. 5 whole minutes! Then, it is ready to receive all of the dishes for the day. Now, if you have a large family you may have to start it more than once a day or choose to hand wash lunch dishes, etc. But, this genius idea really works. I have been doing it for a while now and in the evenings after dinner, it takes me about 10 minutes to clean up the dishes. It used to be a grueling task that took 30 minutes or more. All of the days dishes were still in the sink and the dishwasher needed to be unloaded and reloaded. Half the time I ended up having to hand wash half of them anyway because I had let them sit there all day. This simple task of unloading first thing in the morning is a life changer. Just remember to load it right after dinner and start it. You will feel so much relief from doing this. 
  2. Do one load of laundry all the way through before starting another load- this is truly a laundry life saver. Start the morning (right after you unload the dishwasher) by putting in one load of laundry. Do that load of laundry all the way through before doing another load. For instance, wash, dry, fold, AND put it away one whole load BEFORE putting another load in to wash. I started doing this! I have hardly any laundry in my dirty clothes baskets. I know this may not work that great for those with larger families, but it is a great place to start. This task takes a few minutes at a time throughout the process but it is worth it. Instead of having mounds of clean and unfolded laundry laying around, I have clean laundry and clean baskets. 
  3. Menu plan for the whole week- this may sound silly but menu planning saves me so much time and money. I have been doing this since my first son was born almost seven years ago. I couldn't keep up with going back and forth to the store while I had an infant. So, I started menu planning ahead of time. I usually sit down with a pen, calendar (a special one that I write our menu's one), and coupons. I take a look in the freezer and pantry and make a few meals from what I have and write those down on my calendar. Then, I look through my coupons to see if I can make any meals with coupons that I have. I fill in where I need. For my family, we have a breakfast night once a week. We do anything from omelets, breakfast casserole, pancakes, etc. We also have pizza night every other Friday night. So, that makes those days very easy. About once or twice a month I have a "fend for yourself" night. The kids will have cereal and the hubby and I will have leftovers or sandwiches. We don't eat out much so this is much needed so that I can rest once in a while. My hubby loves to grill in the summertime so I plan for him to do so on the weekends. 
  4. Schedule time for just your little ones- I have three sons. They are all still 6 and under. I want them to have fond memories of doing things with their mommy. So, once a month or so I schedule a date night with one of my boys. I take him to the restaurant of his choice (usually they pick Chick-fil-a) and then we go someplace else. Perhaps, the pet store or toy store. We just walk around and have fun. We end the night by going for ice cream. They love and I love it. Hubby and I also do things with our boys a lot together. We take them to state parks for hikes, to the zoo, to the museum. We love making memories with our children. 
  5. Schedule time for your husband- this is a big one ladies. We must make time for our husbands if we expect them to make time for us. Schedule a date night once a month with him. You don't have to leave the house if you are on a tight budget. Just put the kids to bed and light a candle and eat a special dessert together. No matter what you do with him just make it special for just the two of you. Your marriage is so worth it. Your children will see and notice how you act as a married couple and mimic that behavior in the future with their own marriages. When you make time for one another it affects the whole family. Children can sense tension in a marriage. You may not think so but they can. Strive to have a good marriage. 
  6. Make time for God- this is the MOST important thing you can do for your family, home, and yourself. God made us to need Him and depend on Him daily. Get your bible out, dust it off, and open those pages. There is so much love and advice to be saturated from that book. Just reading a Psalm or Proverb a day is worth it. Start off small if you are not used to having a special quiet time with the Lord. Pray and seek His face throughout the day. Surround yourself with His words. This is the best decision you will make for your home. If you are right with God and seeking to do His will in your life, you will know how to handle your home the way He made you to. 
What do you do that has helped you with homemaking? I would love to hear some new and fresh ideas. Don't forget to check out The Humbled Homemaker to get more info about how to have a better and more organized home. 

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