Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Spring Cleaning To-Do List

Today I am sharing my Spring To-Do List:

  1. Clean and organize my school room~Every homeschooling mother knows that you accumulate books, magazines, and curriculum. Especially if you are new to homeschooling. You collect any and everything you can get your hands on thinking you will need it someday. Well, this mama is done with that. The homeschool convention for my area is next month and I am selling about 70% of my books and curriculum in the used curriculum sale. I am also going to re-organize and rejuvenate the whole room. It needs an overhaul and I am motivated. 
  2. Go through the books in the rest of my house~I have tons of books. I mean TONS. Some people might now think so but I know so. They are taking over everything. It's not that it is a bad thing to have lots of books but when you have no room for anything else it becomes a problem. Especially if you have a husband like I do. He likes things neat, tidy, and organized (a place for everything and everything in it's place). Now, he's not a perfectionist. We both realize we have three growing boys living in our house. But, if we can get certain parts of our home down to a minimum, it helps so that the rest of the house doesn't look so bad. I am going to sell, donate, or get rid of any books that I don't read, want, or is damaged. 
  3. Go through my Grandmothers things~My family recently went through my Grandmother's home (she passed away over a year ago). All of the children and grandchildren went into her home and got special things that belonged to her. Her home was in very bad shape so my Uncles, Dad, and Aunt are all going to remodel it and rent it out. I got some wonderful treasures from her home. One of my favorite things I got is a family Bible. She also had so many old dishes (milk glass, pyrex, depression glass). I will treasure these things forever. But, they need a place in my home. I will find one soon. 
  4. Organize the "tupperware" cupboard in my kitchen~Yes, we all have the dreaded "tupperware" craziness in a drawer or cupboard. Mine is about to burst at the seams. I feel like that's all I do is shove more things in there. Well, the straw that broke the camels back happened a few days ago. All of the kids plastic cups came tumbling out onto the floor. I was undone about it. So, it is going to get a good cleaning and I am throwing out things without a lid or that I don't need. 
  5. Clean Monkey's bedroom~He is two now and no longer needs small baby items. I have been using his room for storage (I know, pretty sad). He has no place to put his toys and games. My goal is to donate any items too young for him and get a toy organizer (like the Ikea one everyone always has) with bins. 
  6. Clean Bear's and Ducky's bedroom~Yep, theirs is a mess too. Too many toys, stuffed animals, and the Legos...the LEGOS! I love Legos but goodness. These boys have more than their fair share. I will go through their Legos and organize them into bins with labels. I am also going to get rid of the huge plastic tubs of toys that they NEVER play with. We will be keeping good toys like wooden blocks, Hot Wheels, train sets, Legos, and their hard plastic animal collection. But the rest of it is history!
  7. Get out summer clothes~It is that time again to go through all of the clothes and bring out the next season. I hate this daunting task but it has to be done. Monkey's will be easy because I just donate all of his small, last-season clothes and put in the newer and bigger clothes from the bins in the attic. But, Bear and Ducky...that is more than a task. It takes at least two people, if not an army. We have to go through every single piece to check for stains, holes, and rips. Then, we put the old clothes in a bin for the next season and next person (they all share clothes and pass them on). After that, we get the new clothes out and do the same (check for stains, holes, and rips). Most of the time we find out that Bear doesn't have any clothes because he is the oldest and doesn't have someone who passes clothes down to him. So, we go shopping at the consignment store. 
That is just the short list. But, it's a start! What is on your Spring Cleaning To-Do List?

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