Thursday, May 28, 2015

Unoffendable by Brant Hansen {Review} & A GIVEAWAY!

We have all been offended by something someone has said or done to us or about us. It is a human reaction when we feel threatened. The bible tells us not to hold grudges or to retaliate evil for evil. It is so hard to do this and it takes lots of practice and prayer. Brant Hansen has written a book that gives us the tools we need to not be offended at every little thing. In his book, Unoffendable, he shares stories and practical advice on how to deal with this difficult subject. I have been blessed with a copy by Family Christian.

Brant Hansen has won Personality of the Year multiple times from his radio show. He has also worked with CURE International, that works with hospitals around the world to bring medical care to children as well as spreading the Good News of Jesus. Find out more about him by visiting or on Twitter @branthansen.

Giving up our "right" to be offended is life-changing. We do feel like we have a right to feel offended when someone hurts us or our family. We get offended if someone speaks ugly of our church, the type of food we eat, the fact that we homeschool (or public school), what house we live in, etc. There are so many reasons to be offended but Jesus came so that we could be free of these feelings and emotions. He came to take away the chains that keep us prisoner to these things and let them go.

In Unoffendable, Brant Hansen takes on this emotion by using comedy as well as the Bible. Part of being offended is anger. Anger stirs up so many emotions in our hearts. Being offended can turn into bitterness. Letting go of things that offend us makes us free to enjoy the wonderful things that life brings along.

I recommend this book to any Christian who has a hard time with anger, bitterness, and is easily offended. We have all been there so that may include all people. I loved reading this book and gaining fresh perspective from a fellow Christian.

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I was given this book by Family Christian in exchange for my honest review. 

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