Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wrestling For My Life By Shawn Michaels {Review}

When my husband and I first met we both loved to watch wrestling. Yes, that silly and crazy show. We even went to a live WWE event. It was so much fun...back then. I got to know a few of the wrestlers stories and started following them. I had my favorites throughout our watching years but after a while life happened. We no longer had time to watch wrestling. Shawn Michaels (aka "HBK" or the "Heart Break Kid") was very popular. He wrote a book called Wrestling For My Life and in it he gives his testimony of becoming a Christian in an industry that is not so welcoming of anything Christian.

I was given this book to review by Family Christian. They have many wonderful books on their website and in their stores. I was thrilled to be chosen for this review since I have a history of watching WWE wrestling.

Shawn Michaels was born in Arizona and knew he wanted to be a professional wrestler since he was twelve. His real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom but he changed it over the years to Shawn Michaels for his wrestling career. Since he was a small child he loved playing sports and doing anything athletic. He started his career very slowly but was recognized as a real talent in the wrestling business by many people. In 1988, he began his career with the, then called, WWF. He was immediately popular with the women and children. He and his partner, Marty Jannetty, formed the team "The Rockers" early in their WWF career's.

Shawn Michaels' career took off very quickly once he adopted the name "Heart Break Kid". With this fame came many opportunities to do drugs, alcohol, and become a womanizer. He started taking steroids and from there it all spun out of control for him.

In his book, he writes about those lonely nights in the hotel room in between wrestling shows. He says that he was in the room with just his thoughts and the TV. He didn't like being alone with his thoughts so he would go out and party and drink. During this time he also struggled with being addicted to pain medication and muscle relaxers. Wrestling takes a toll on the body and his was no exception. He became someone who had rage problems and was disrespectful of the backstage crew. He admits this and feels remorseful about it.

When he retired from the WWF in 1998, the first time, it was because of a serious back injury. During this time, he met and married his wife Rebecca (a former WCW wrestler). He fell head over heels for her and they now have two children together. But, he also got into taking pills at this time and he struggled with his spirituality.

Reading Wrestling For My Life is such an incredible journey. It gives the reader an inside look of fame and fortune. It also gives the reader the down low on the behind the scenes activities. Shawn Michaels' testimony is so incredible. He became saved even through all of the darkness he endured. He became a follower of Christ and even made a comeback to the wrestling world.

The changes he made in his life made all the difference. His co-wrestlers noticed a huge difference and would come to him for prayers or just to talk. His wife is such a strong and courageous woman. Even through the storms and trials of his life she stuck by his side and encouraged him to seek a relationship with Jesus. His faith in Jesus brought him up from the bottom of the pit and now he is a great witness for the Kingdom of God.

I recommend this book because of the testimony included within the pages. It proves that God uses anyone, even those who have been to the bottom. At the bottom is where you find true grace and true love from God.

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Anonymous said...

Your review makes me want to read this book myself. It even makes me want to buy it for my church library. Thanks for the evenhanded, insightful review!