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CTC Math {Review}

CTCMath Review

My two oldest sons love math. They are each excelling in their grade level and they are always counting everything (money, days of the week, people at the park). I am so glad I have the opportunity to review CTC Math and their 12 Month Family Plan. This is an online program only with levels starting at Kindergarten and going all the way up to Trigonometry and everything in between. I was given the 12 Month Family plan for the purposes of this review.

I am not a math wiz by any means. I actually excel in reading and history. I need all the help I can get when it comes to teaching my children their math skills. CTC Math does a phenomenal job at guiding my children through a gentle way of learning math. Though my children already loved math before this program, they would beg to do their math lessons each day. They love their “computer” time and learned a thing or two about math in the process.

The 12 Month Family Plan includes unlimited access to all lessons across all grade levels, video tutorials that allow you to pause and replay, detailed progress reports, timed speed skills, and quizzes at the end of each lesson. The Family Plan is for the whole family. You can enroll all of your children as well as yourself (you know, for those hard to understand calculus problems). I love this program.

How CTC Math Works:
  • First, the parent logs in and creates a separate account for each student with their own password.
  • The parent can choose which level they believe their student should be on. There are many different skills to choose from on each level. Then select the skill your student will be working on and begin the lesson.
  • There is a short video for each of the lessons/skills that explains in detail how to solve a problem.
  • After the video (in which you can pause and replay if you need more time), several questions are asked (I call these “quizzes” because it tests their understanding of that skill).
  • The results from the “quiz” are posted in a report after it is taken and the parent can view these reports at an time. If the student needs more practice with that particular skill they can re-do the quiz.
  • At the bottom of the screen you can view the reports for each skill and student. You can also click on the “Speed Skills” button to see how well your student knows the skills on a timed level. It is actually pretty neat and my kids loved being timed. They would compete to see who was faster.
  • After each level is completed to the parent’s satisfaction (or has been mastered), the student can move up a grade or level.

What We Liked About CTC Math:
  • I loved how easy this program was to use. It couldn’t be simpler. You create an account for each student and off they go. The directions are easy to understand (my children who used this program are 4 and 6).
  • My children could sit by themselves and complete their lessons and quizzes. If they needed help understanding something they would ask for my help. The only help they ever needed was reading the questions for the quizzes (the program assumes that your child can read and neither of mine can read yet).
  • The quizzes help my children to gain more confidence in their math skills and they were often so proud of themselves for accomplishing a new task. They did not dread doing this math program at all and were quite excited each day to complete their lessons.
  • My children loved the timed “Speed Skills”. They are competitive boys and would see who could finish the most in the time allotted. They didn’t complain if they “lost”, they just said they would do better next time. It was fun for them.
This online math program is a great addition to our homeschool. I feel very blessed to have been a part of this review and plan to continue use even after the review is over. My husband even got involved and would sit with the boys and watch them do their lessons. He was impressed with the amount that the children learned from CTC Math.

I recommend this to any homeschool family who would like an easy to use online math program for the whole family. There are so many levels that your student can learn as fast or slow as they would like. It is a wonderful program that would help anyone with improving (and learning new) math skills.

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CTCmath Review

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