Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Heart Fill 'Er Up! {Review}

Last weekend I was honored to attend the HEAV Convention as a Blogger. You get to meet and greet all of the vendors ahead of time. Some of them give you samples of their products or tell you about a giveaway they are having. It is such great fun to meet these wonderful people and get to know them and their products. I had the pleasure to meet Michelle Marttila who is an author and artist. She has written a book called Happy Heart Fill 'Er Up! It is a children's book with a biblical perspective.

Michelle was the sweetest person. She put her heart and soul into this book and has a passion for teaching others about God and His love for us. The book is meant for young readers who want to find lasting joy. In Happy Heart, the character feels empty and  tries to fill that void in his heart with many different things. He tries, sports, money, fame, and friends but nothing seems to last. He feels sad after each one of those things comes to an end.

Finally, the Heart finds true joy in Jesus and His word. This book is meant for children but it pricked my heart. I look for joy in so many things. The only One who can give me lasting joy is Jesus. No matter where I go or what I do, He is the only One who is there for me no matter what. His love is the greatest. His love is everlasting.

At the end of the book are several bible verses to guide you in your walk to find true joy. She ends her book with a prayer to accept Jesus and the joy only He can bring to your life. No matter your circumstances, He is always there with you.

Michelle Marrttila did a wonderful job writing and illustrating Happy Heart. She is a graduate of Liberty University. She has served as Dean of Women for Student Affairs at Liberty University for eight years. She loves to teach children about art in a home school co-op. Her gifts are amazing and are being used to spread the Good News of Jesus.

You can find out more about Michelle Marttila and her book by visiting:

Please visit her website and purchase her book. It will bless your children and family. 

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Michelle Marttila said...

So blessed by your post…thank you for thinking of me and sharing the GOOD NEWS regarding Happy Heart!
I felt so welcomed by your kindness and presence while at HEAV…it meant a lot to me that you stopped by my booth to say, "Hello". Thank you for the encouragement! I am looking forward to keeping up with the Jensen Family Circus! :D Michelle