Friday, June 5, 2015

HEAV Convention Speakers & Exhibitors

The HEAV homeschool convention is next week. I cannot express how excited I am for this time of the year. For homeschooling families, we wait all year for this convention and being able to gain some wisdom and meet new people. People who are just like you. People who won't look at you like you have a third eye when you tell them you homeschool. The wisdom that can be gained is so amazing. I am going to just give you a list of some of the speakers and exhibitors that I am personally looking forward to.

1. Voddie Baucham- He will be speaking at the convention this year and I can't wait. He speaks on biblical values and principles and has written books about these issues. He is a Pastor at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas. His stance on marriage and upholding biblical standards are so refreshing.

2. Ken Ham- What can I say about Ken Ham? He has spoken at many conventions as well as World View Weekend. He is the founder of The Creation Museum in Kentucky as well as Answers In Genesis. He is well known for his biblical world view starting in Genesis 1:1.

3. Hal & Melanie Young- The founder's of Raising Real Men and convention favorites, this couple is so delightful. I am the mother of all boys and this couple has six boys (plus two girls). They know a thing or two about raising children, especially boys. They have biblical values for their family and love to speak to others who are in the middle of the hard stuff.

4. Jamerrill Stewart- Blogger, mother, and homeschooling a large family. I have been reading her blog for a few years now and I love it. Her family is so sweet and her take on homeschooling her large family is wonderful. I love reading about all of the great resources for homeschooling that she offers on her blog. Her blog is called Free Homeschool Deals. You can find many resources there as well as a few articles.

5. Crystal Paine- Crystal is a homeschooling mother of three children. She writes on her blog about that as well as many ways to save money. Her blog is called Money Saving Mom. She has also written books on finance and has encouraged me to be more frugal with my homeschooling expenses.

6. Marla Cilley (The FlyLady)- This is one of my favorite websites ever. The FlyLady has helped me to revolutionize my cleaning schedule and organize my life. Her website offers help to those who want to have more peace in their lives by eliminating clutter and getting ahead of the chores. There are so many wonderful resources that you just have to check them out for yourself.

7. Artistic Pursuits- This company offers art curriculum for all ages and stages. I have used them before and loved the learning style that was presented. Please stop by their booth if you are in the market for an art program that teaches the basics as well as the history of art.

8. Apologia- What can I say about this wonderful science program? They offer a variety of different science curriculum as well as different grade levels. I love all of their products and the biblical worldview from a science perspective that this company brings in their books. Check them out. They always have a wonderful display each year.

10. Bread Beckers- With so many people eating more "whole" foods, this is the store for you. Bread Beckers offers a variety of whole grains, grain mills, cook books, and much more. They also have free samples of what they offer and sometimes have a small demonstration of a cooking class. I love this company and have bought things from them many times.

11. Classical Conversations- Since this is homeschool program I will be using as our main subjects next year, I will be stopping by. If you are part of a CC community or are looking for a more classical model for homeschooling please stop by and talk with the representatives at this booth. They are well informed and can show you hands-on what the students will learn with this program. You can also purchase any books or curriculum from them and save on the shipping charges.

12. HEDUA: Well Planned Day Planners And Family Magazine- I love the planners from this company. These are what I use in my homeschool. Stop by their booth to take a look at each one they offer. The magazine is wonderful as well.

13. Miller Pads & Paper- I could spend all day looking at all of the neat things this company has to offer. I have bought blank books (for my children to fill in themselves), notepads, paper of all sorts (and colors and shapes), as well as art supplies. This is one of my favorite stops at the convention.

14. Operation Christmas Child- This ministry is near and dear to my heart. My family has been involved with this ministry for many years now. This is a Samaritan's Purse ministry and they deliver shoe boxes all over the world to children in need of hope. They also deliver the message of the Gospel. Please stop by and get some info about OCC and donate if you can.

15. Queen Homeschool Supplies- I love this company. They offer Charlotte Mason style homeschool curriculum and books. I use some of the books she offers and my children love them. If you get the chance to stop by their booth you will fall in love with her supplies.

16. Rainbow Resources- They bring so much stuff with them it is unbelievable. You could spend several hours looking around this booth. The line to check out is usually very long (but that is a good sign that what they offer is great). They offer curriculum from many other companies as well as specialty books and supplies.

These are just a few of my favorites. There are so many sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. Go to to check out all of the vendors for yourself. Stop by and say hi to these folks. Also, don't forget to check out the Young Entrepreneurs section of the Exhibit Hall. Many young people who are just starting a business offer a variety of services, books, clothing, and much more. They are so sweet to talk to as well (I have met many wonderful and sweet folks in this section).

Hope to see you at the HEAV Convention next week! Just remember to relax, have fun, and enjoy the experience.


Anne said...

LOVE your personal favorites! Great post!

Michelle Marttila said...

So great to meet you in person Kristy at the HEAV Convention!!! Thank you for your support and encouragement…so blessed by you! Looking forward to keeping connected! Michelle

Kristy Jensen said...

Michelle, you were my favorite vendor by far. Thanks so much for the wonderful book and the inspiration that it brought. Blog post coming soon just for you!