Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Searching For Sunday {Review}

Have you ever felt like the "church" has failed you? Have you ever been searching for a new church or in the process of leaving another church? These are all difficult positions to be in. For each of these we should look to the bible for our answers and pray about each decision. Rachel Held Evans' new book Searching For Sunday is the book to read when going through any of these situations.

My husband and I have had to find a new church a time or two since being married. A couple of times because we moved and a couple of times because of some other issues. Each time we have prayed about the decision and discussed it with some biblically sound people in our lives. Searching For Sunday would have helped so much in those past experiences. I am going to recommend folks read this book from now on when looking for a new church or deciding to leave their church.

Rachel Held Evans tells stories from her different experiences with the church from her life. She gives biblical advice for these difficult circumstances. She guides the reader in a direction that will help them to make a decision based on biblical facts and her own personal knowledge.

If the "church" has ever failed you in any way you are not alone. Many people have felt this way. We are humans and we will fail one another. It doesn't mean it won't hurt. In this book, the author writes about forgiving the church and moving on from the pain.

She also writes about church not just being a building to go to on Sunday mornings. Church is a relationship that needs to be developed and cared for. Church is a group of people who come together to worship God and love one another.

Although this book is written in a more Catholic form (I am not Catholic) I was able to glean a lot from her words. Each persons journey to finding to right church is different but we are all ultimately looking for the same thing. Family. We want to feel part of something grand and wonderful. We want to feel loved and cared for. This book is will give you direction and advice on how to biblically go about finding the right church for you.

I was given this book by Family Christian in exchange for my honest review. 

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