Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Living The Braveheart Life {Review}

Have you ever heard of the movie Braveheart? How about The Man In The Iron Mask or Pearl Harbor? Perhaps you have even heard of Secretariat or Heaven Is For Real. All of these wonderful films came from the mind of one man: Randall Wallace. I have seen most of these films and read the books as well. I was given a copy of his newest book, Living The Braveheart Life, from in exchange for a review. I was very pleased to be chosen for this review since I am a huge fan of Randall Wallace.

He wrote this book as a memoir about how he made his dreams come true. Twenty years ago when the movie Braveheart came out and became a box office hit, he had no idea it would be that big. He tells the story about the journey that led him to the famous Scottish warrior William Wallace and how it changed his life forever. It is written in small, short stories that blend together to create HIS story. He gives advice about engaging in the battle going on in the human heart. A battle of good versus evil.

Randall Wallace's story is one of adventure, struggle, and conquering fear. He reflects on his childhood, family, and faith in God. The emotions and honestly in this book are beyond what I expected. I laughed and cried. He really got me thinking about what I wanted out of my life and how I can make my dreams come true as well. He inspired me to look deep into my heart and seek out my faith and what that means for my life.

I highly recommend this book. Living The Braveheart Life will bless you in so many ways. It will cause you to dig deep and reflect on the wounds that have caused you to press on or give up. We all have something that has hurt us. This book guides the reader to follow your heart and keep being strong in any circumstance.

Pick up a copy for yourself and be inspired by one man's journey of following his heart and making his dreams come true through all of the trials of life.

*I was given this book by in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bill & Gloria Gaither Christmas Favorites Cd {Review & Giveaway}

I love the Gaithers. My in-laws got me hooked and now I enjoy listening to them so much. They are a Gospel singing group that has been around for many years. They invite other Gospel singers to tour with them and they pack entire arenas full of people wanting to hear old hymns and new songs laced with God's word. I was so happy that I was chosen to review their new Christmas music CD with all of their favorites included.

Their CD is called Bill & Gloria Gaither with their Homecoming Friends Christmas Favorites. You can find it on Here is a run down of the songs included:

  • Joy To The World
  • White Christmas
  • Mary, Did You Know?
  • Go Tell It On The Mountain
  • O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  • The Christmas Song
  • Jesus, What A Wonderful Child
  • Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
  • O Holy Night
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful
  • Away In A Manger
  • Silent Night, Holy Night
Some of the featured artists include David Phelps, Terry Blackwood, Larry Ford, Amber Thompson, and Amy Lambert. These are all wonderful artists with so much talent and love for the Lord. Every time I hear a Gospel song by the Gaithers and their friends, I get a warm feeling. It is like God is giving me a hug. When you add in Christmas music, the songs take on a whole new meaning.

My opinion of this Christmas CD is...I LOVE IT! Please, go out and buy one right away (unless you feel like winning one at the bottom of this post!). My husband has deemed track #3 his favorite (that would be Mary, Did You Know?). We played this CD over and over. My three children (all boys who are 7, 5, and 2) danced and sang along. They declared that we should go ahead and put up the Christmas lights. Ha! I think we will wait a little longer for that.

If you love Gospel music and the Gaithers and Christmas music, then you will love this CD. My whole family enjoyed it and I am pretty sure it will get played so much we will memorize every single harmony. It has really made this coming Christmas even more special for us because it lifted our spirits. Please visit to find out more about this wonderful new Cd.

Enter to win your very own copy of the Gaither Christmas Cd below:

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I was given this CD by in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own..

Monday, October 19, 2015

Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9 {Review & Giveaway!!}

From the creator of Veggie Tales comes Phil Vischer's latest Buck Denver adventure. Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9 is a must-see for children of all ages. My little ones are 7, 5, and 2 and they all loved this new movie. This movie will be available for purchase starting on October 20th so don't miss out on your chance to own it for your family.

Buck Denver put together a team to go into space (Sector 9) to fix a transponder. It is sort of a spoof about Star Wars or Star Trek (which I absolutely love...I am a nerd). He wants to do something "Big" for God and fixing this transponder will help others to have access to the Good News of Jesus. When he arrives on the planet (that is supposed to be uninhabited) he meets a man who teaches him all about God's plans for our lives.

Buck learns that walking with Jesus is the most important thing in life. The way we know we are walking with Jesus is by the "fruits of the spirit" found in Galatians. We must learn to hear God's voice and be obedient to what He wants us to do. If He puts someone in our path we must do everything we can to help them. That is showing God's love to others.

This movies explains how a relationship with God works and what it looks like. Buck thinks he must do something extraordinary in order to serve God but the man he meets on Sector 9 explains that all Jesus really wants is us. He wants our whole heart.

All three of my boys laughed and enjoyed this short film. The puppets are amazing, as usual. Phil Vischer does a great job of explaining doctrinal and theological ideas on a child's level. My children asked questions afterward and told me the things they learned while watching this movie.

The movie is approximately 40 minutes long so it holds a child's short attention span. It covers topics such as missionaries, fruits of the spirit, God's plan and purpose for our lives, and how to truly know you are walking with Jesus. I highly recommend this movie and plan to purchase it for my children for Christmas.

Just in case you can't wait until you buy the DVD, this movie is available on JellyTelly right now.

Here are a few links to help you with any information regarding this and other films like it:

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Ties That Bind {By: Cindy Woodsmall}

I have an obsession with Amish fiction. I especially love it when that Amish fiction is written by Cindy Woodsmall. She is one of my favorite authors and has such a love for the Amish community. She lovingly tells stories about their lives and makes it accessible to everyone else in the world. Her new book and the first in the series The Amish of Summer Grove, Ties That Bind, is such a wonderful and delightful book to read. There are twists and turns and events that keep you on the edge of your seat...and it's all in a book.

Ariana Brenneman is the main character. Her story is so unique and full of so many plot twists. Her life in the Old Order Amish seems normal to her. She has aspirations to open a café to help support her family. But, someone in her life wants to lure other Amish people into the English lifestyle. Are his plans to help her or bring her harm? She wants to find out and when she does it is the biggest surprise of all.

Her family has kept secrets from her that Quill Schlabach wants to reveal. Will he be successful or will he be stopped before the truth comes out? No matter what Ariana does, Quill keeps showing up in her life. This time, he has information about her family's secrets and how that could affect her in the long run.

I love everything about this book. The Amish lifestyle is explained very well. Sometimes when you read Amish fiction it can be confusing. Cindy Woodsmall does a fantastic job walking the reader through every part of the Amish life and explains why they do what they do. Since she is so connected to the Amish community she has "insider" information and knows the ins and outs of their day-to-day life. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the sequel.

I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.

A Christian Guide To The Classics {By: Leland Ryken}

I absolutely LOVE reading the classics. Canterbury Tales, Edgar Allan Poe, The Pilgrim's Progress, anything by Jane Austen, and so on. My love of books came from reading the classics when I was younger. It gave me a good foundation for reading and they all have great vocabulary. But, as a Christian I tend to read them with a different viewpoint. Leland Ryken's new book, A Christian Guide To The Classics, helps to break down these books (and other written materials) from a Christian worldview. He expounds on the greatness of the classics while also being realistic in that we shouldn't read them just because they are considered "classic". I received this book from Family Christian for review purposes.

The author gives the reader step-by-step instructions on breaking down exactly what a "classic" is and how to read them. He gives many examples from great historical authors and includes a sampling of different literary classics from many different genres and time periods (page 94-98). At the back of the book are a few quotes by famous classical writers about reading and books. It was fun to read what some of them had to say about books.

Here are the chapters listed in order:
  1. Misconceptions about the Classics
  2. What is a Classic?
  3. Why We Should Read the Classics
  4. The Greatest Classic: The Bible
  5. How Not To Read a Classic
  6. How to Read a Classic
  7. Christian Classics, Part 1
  8. Christian Classics, Part 2
  9. Secular Classics
  10. Where to Find the Classics
I found this book to be helpful in many ways. First, I really didn't know what the definition of a classic was. Mr. Ryken writes in a way that I could understand and make an educated decision when at the library picking out books to read. Second, I never thought about the fact that there are "Christian" classics and "Secular" classics. He writes about the difference between these two and also how to tell a true "Christian" classic from one that masks itself as Christian. I enjoyed reading that section of the book because so many authors call themselves Christian authors without even thinking about if their work is actually Biblically sound and can be tested by scripture. Third, I love the lists of classics that he gives toward the end of the book. I kept looking for lists of classics and he kept me turning the pages until the end. It was a great strategy to get me to read the entire thing.

I have a home library because I homeschool. Not that you have to homeschool to have a home library but we do because of that reason. Over the years I have collected many books. After a while I got to a place that I would only buy books that were considered "morally sound" and/or a classic. Earlier this year I went through all of my books and weeded out the "twaddle" books and am left with plenty of books still. With this new book, A Christian Guide To The Classics, I feel fully equipped to buy great books and literary works in the future to add to my collection.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves books. You will learn so much about the different styles of classics and what a true Christian classic really looks like.