Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Living The Braveheart Life {Review}

Have you ever heard of the movie Braveheart? How about The Man In The Iron Mask or Pearl Harbor? Perhaps you have even heard of Secretariat or Heaven Is For Real. All of these wonderful films came from the mind of one man: Randall Wallace. I have seen most of these films and read the books as well. I was given a copy of his newest book, Living The Braveheart Life, from in exchange for a review. I was very pleased to be chosen for this review since I am a huge fan of Randall Wallace.

He wrote this book as a memoir about how he made his dreams come true. Twenty years ago when the movie Braveheart came out and became a box office hit, he had no idea it would be that big. He tells the story about the journey that led him to the famous Scottish warrior William Wallace and how it changed his life forever. It is written in small, short stories that blend together to create HIS story. He gives advice about engaging in the battle going on in the human heart. A battle of good versus evil.

Randall Wallace's story is one of adventure, struggle, and conquering fear. He reflects on his childhood, family, and faith in God. The emotions and honestly in this book are beyond what I expected. I laughed and cried. He really got me thinking about what I wanted out of my life and how I can make my dreams come true as well. He inspired me to look deep into my heart and seek out my faith and what that means for my life.

I highly recommend this book. Living The Braveheart Life will bless you in so many ways. It will cause you to dig deep and reflect on the wounds that have caused you to press on or give up. We all have something that has hurt us. This book guides the reader to follow your heart and keep being strong in any circumstance.

Pick up a copy for yourself and be inspired by one man's journey of following his heart and making his dreams come true through all of the trials of life.

*I was given this book by in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

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